Monday, 7 April 2008

Sunday Blessings - and Monday Wash

Church was good with Communion presided by Dr M the ECI Bishop. Our church is affiliated with the Evangelical Church of India, we are not their full fledged members.

The song leader was a pastor in training and he can't sing, but his enthusiasm kept us going. The guy who gave a special number also tried a bit too hard.Its the spirit which counts right?
After service had a short business meeting with the Bishop.He cautioned us about the 'prayer meeting" confusion. We clarified our position to him, so it all ended well.
I made shami kebabs with dal/rice etc for lunch and jackfruit stir fry for dinner.
Monday morning was busy. After the usual house work, I changed all the drapes and put new ones on.
Meanwhile Miss Sheeba went on a mongoose hunting trip, which you can see in the photos and inadvertently dabbed make-up on.

So in the afternoon. I gave her a bath and did quite a bit of laundry.Lots more to do.
My BIL Prem flies in on the weekend, so I have to get the house ready.

Took a break as 3 visitors arrived. They are involved in the prayer meeting. Had a good talk with them and cleared our differences. One of them Dr H. anointed my mother with oil and prayed for her cataract and gall stones and blood pressure.But our church is divided over the prayer meeting, so we are not sure what we can do. its a stressful situation.
As they were leaving Prem called from Chennai.
He been in the hospital for the past 10 days and has caught a stomach bug and is feeling feverish too. He is feeling all alone. Please pray for him.He says the Lord is giving him grace.
I served the visitors coffee and cookies. As they were leaving I got busy on the phone and later on fed Aunt Sybil (which is another story).Mama cleared the coffee cups but forget to remove the nearly full cookie plate from he living room. Later on while putting things away I noticed an empty cookie plate on the coffee table.I knew our guests had taken one cookie each so there were still plenty left.Mama and I didn 't have any.
It didn 't take Hercule Poirot to tell us who, but Miss Sheeba had polished off the cookes while we were occupied. When I questioned her about it , she looked me straight in the eye and licked her whiskers.
Anyway I gave her a pat on her fat rump and forgave her because she warned me of a stray cow which had entered our garden a short while ago.So I guess she deserved her pinched treat.

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Renae said...

Oh, I wish I could stop by for coffee and cookies with you, Amrita! (I would even share with Sheba :-) )

Glad it was a productive visit with the people from your church. It is so important to be united. I'll pray for this, as I continue to pray for you and your family.



Angie said...

Amrita, you are a doll! I love your tales and feel such warmth toward your family. Praying for them.

YSI Christ,

Felisol said...

Dear Amrita,
I'm so happy that your meeting with the bishop ended well. I sincerely hope that your spiritual problems are over for this time.
Small problems may be purifying, one gets aware of how or where one is grounded. Evil quarrels are worse, they may cause long term split in the congregation and that's not a thing one is looking for.
Sheba well deserved the cookies, pity the guests only took one though, or is that an issue of being polite that I am not familiar with?
I'd better learn to behave now, in case I should be off to India sometime.
-In Norway the guests somewhere in remote villages have to be invited tree times before even sitting down by the table.
Maybe we aren't so different at all?
Say hello to your Mom and aunt and have a good night, 23 Celsius degrees. I envy you. We have + 5 and rain.
From yours Felisol

regina barnett said...

What a lovely story about your little sheba...It would be nice to have coffee and cookies with you and your family. Sorry there is so much confusion above the church members about the Prayer meetings. I think prayer meetings are wonderful. Tkae care my friend.

monsoon dreams said...

sheeba did deserve a treat,and she knew it too;-)

Kate said...

SHe probably thinks she earned it, after a hard day's work mongoose hunting.

Shari said...

Yes. I remember reading about that stray cow that Miss Sheba warned you about.

I loved it when you said that the pastor in training couldn't sing, but his enthusiasm kept you going. That's a positive way of looking at it.

Anonymous said...

God still heals. may your family receive healing today. i had kebab two weeks ago. i love it!

Jeanette said...

I needed the smiles I got from reading your blog today, Amrita! Thanks for sharing your life with us.

I feel badly for Prem. We have just had a stomach bug at our house, too, so I know how nasty that can be. It must be very hard for him to be sick right now.

Amrita said...

Sheeba had her treat alright, but today her tail was down...under the weather? I am scared because last year on April 10th my Jimmy boy , a piece of my heart crossed over the rainbow bridge.

But she is eating and is very active, so i guess she wants her tail down.

Oh Felisol, it was interesting to read how people in Norway have to be asked several times before they have tea etc. In India too its the same mainly among traditional and conservative people.And in S India they force food upon you even if you refuse. I will do a post about it.

Amrita said...

Oh, I forgot to say everybody is welcome to coffee and cookies. Those were store bought coconut cookies.But if I knew you were coming I get a whole variety and make some ginger cookies which i like.

Donetta said...

Oh I am so sorry to hear of the strife in the fellowship. That grieves me .
So the little cookie thief strikes again. I know how you just can not turn your back for a moment. Ours has gotten a little better about this. I think Sheba likes your cookies :)

nvittal said...

Miss Sheeba is very cute. I didn;t know that you had jackfruit up there! I love it.