Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Red Tuesday

Baby Karan, taken a year ago.
His grandparents lived for free on our church campus and did odd jobs for the church in return.
Throughout this week there will be revival meetings at the Christian University. A Pastor Uncle took me yesterday on his motorcycle.
The ride was OK but you have to have nerves of steel to maneuver through the heavy and careless downtown traffic.
Rev G was wearing a helmet , but I was not. Ladies usually don 't.
But as my two friends (see comments) cautioned me I should have been wearing one.
And you don 't know what our traffic is like.
It has a Japanese video game effect on you.
How many points can you score dodging
your attackers.Have I frightened you?
Bro. PC who is the speaker is a family friend, spiritual mentor
and teacher to us all. They lived here to 24 years. His wife was the Director of the Home Economics College and he worked with a sister organization of IVF, sharing the gospel with university students and intellectuals.Now they have retired in Chennai. But Uncle PC (note that in India the word Uncle is a term of respect and endearment, one doesn 't have to be related) has not slowed down at all.
He preaches with the same fire and gusto as he used to, a modern day Spurgeon.His messages pierce the marrow and the bone and really make one sit up.He has ushered hundreds into God 's kingdom specially from among the thinking, intellectual community.
Tonight I could not go as there was no one to take me across the river where the University is located.
Maybe tomorrow Rev G will go, he had an engagement today.
You can read about Brother P C 's ministry HERE

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pai said...

You should always wear a helmet!! my husband fusses at me when I don't, even though it's around the block. He recently had a spill at a low speed and we were both grateful he had on all his gear.

Just a little fussing with love from your friends in Florida. :)

Teresa said...

Yes, a helmet (!) as I've seen very serious head injuries happen here at even very low speeds.

I may be showing my ignorance here, but why is Karan's eyes so dark underneath? Is that normal?

Much love to you, teresa

Amrita said...

Thank tiy so much for your concern kind ladies.

Our newspapers spill over with news about fatal traffic accidents and i should be careful.And Indian traffic and roads are really risky.

I also notoced thatKaran has dark circkles under his eyes. Could be a Vitamin A deficiency.

Amrita said...

Hello Helen and ladyfromthe woods i just updated and edited thos post, wanted to let you know.

Robin said...

nice updated picture of you amrita-you are beautiful:)

Felisol said...

Dear Amrita,
Baby Karan was a good choice for Ruby Tuesday.
Lovely kid. I have noticed that more Indian children are dark under the eyes. I thought it was kind of a makeup.
Horrible if malnutrition is the cause.
In the west thousands die of overweight..
It seems so unfair, especially when children are involved.
From Felisol

Pat said...

Put that helmet on your head - no excuses accepted!
I was watching THe Amazing Race on tv the other evening and they were in India - Lord, what traffic- very scary!
That baby is so precious, just adorable.

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

That must be one h___l of a ride in a motorcycle. I hope you will wear a helmet next time. Thanks for the post. God bless.

Mrs. Mac said...

Wear the helmet ... my husband used to have to clean up and take reports for fatal motorcycle and bicycle accidents as a police officer. The baby is very cute and I'm glad you participated in Ruby Tuesday. Hugs

Rebecca said...

When my sister took me on a ride on her bike (which is a very RARE occason) I was praying OUT LOUD in tongues because of the fear...which led to gales of laughter and even faster and more daring driving on her part!!!!!

the mother of this lot said...

Your description of the ride made me laugh Amrita, but I agree with the others - you should wear a helmet. We don't want to lose you!

Dick said...

You have to ware a helmet, it's not a game Amrita, IT'S REAL

Sita said...

Ok, Amrita...let me add to this chorus...wear a helmet! I like your head the way it is!And yes, I also saw the Amazing Race in India on Sunday...not a very flattering picture of the people I'm afraid..throwing the colored water up peoples' noses...thankfully, I know India is made up of much more!...people like you!

As for the dark circles...that looked like that ash paste that Indians use under the eyes...not so, Amrita?

Ah well...thankfully you don't have to be in that Canadian police chase I featured..wasn't that a hoot?
Blessings to you..
Love, Sita

Amrita said...

OK guys I found a solution to the helmet problem. Take a look LOL

Sita said...

By the way...that name Verghese is so familiar..either I sw his name in Ravi's book..or maybe he was in Canada speaking sometime?

Donetta said...

Glad to hear the helmet issue is solved. I was first on Sean when a motorcycle turned left right in front of me at an intersection a big truck hit him. It was a holy night when God had told me to leave the house and my husband said go. I went to a store and was just wandering around then God said go now. I did and when I was idling up to the intersection the event took place before my eyes. God used a bush to catch the boys head HO HELMET! His Mother a sister in Christ was in the gap and we later met. We shared this holiness of Gods intervention. Always go if he says go. You may never know when it will be for you to stand in the gap.