Saturday, 29 March 2008


I like this song by SonicFlood. It is a worship song with glimpses of common everyday life in India.You can see multi-religious India in the video.

I went to the district court yesterday.Our case was munber 107. Waited for a very long time. Close to the lunch break our lawyer asked Pastor S and me to go home as he would do the needful when our turn came.

I exhorted the lawyer to speed up things.He said it depends on the plaintiff.
"Your father fought this case for so long (20 years),"he said,"And now you are in a hurry'.
I said,"Sir , its true my Dad fought this case for 20 years and in the end he went to heaven. I have taken over since the past 5 years,do you think this case will end when I am at the top of my Jacob 's ladder ?"

In India one has to have an unending aupply of patience.

The rickshaw driver was in a "hurry" on the busy highway we had to traverse. I told him;Please slow slow. I am worried for your life.
He said,"Don 't worry sister I am worried for both our lives".

My BIL Prem reached Chennai safely. They have moved Mrs Jeyapaul to another hospital and today will have consultations with the doctors.

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Renae said...

I like this video, too. Thanks for sharing it! Will pray for patience for you and more "hurry up" for your lawyer.


Shari said...

What a great video Amrita - both worshipful and educational. I'm going to show it to my kids in the morning.

Amrita said...

God TV features this video quite often and I like it. It shows Hundus, Muslims and Buddists together with Christians.This group suport a chldren 's home it seems.