Sunday, 9 March 2008

Sunday Blessings - Day and Night

These are I photos of gladioli I took in the day and night.
Very soon the sun will be too strong for flowers to survive.

Church was good. Bro Sunil spoke about prayer.
For the Good Friday special service 7 people have been asked to speak on the seven last words (statements) of Jesus from the cross. Each person will speak on one word for about 10 minutes. I have been asked to speak on the last one; "Father into Thy hand I commit my spirit". I have to prepare for that, keep it meaningful and short.
I got a phone call telling me that Aunt P, the widow lady who is supporting her daughter and family but not being treated nicely by them, fell and fractured her leg.She is in hospital. I will go to see her tomorrow.
I am feeling so sorry for her. Her daughter is so uncaring, just wants her money. I don 't know how they are treating her.If I could afford the transport etc. I could have done much more but I will do my utmost for her.
Today I made mutton pilaf, which is aromatic rice with lamb.
Then I made sauce with our garden tomatoes. I am making lots of sweet, sour and hot tomato sauce and bottling it.
You blanch the tomatoes and remove the skin and seeds . Then cook the pulp adding lots of chopped up garlic, some salt, chilly powder, sugar, vinegar and ginger powder. Cool it and bottle it.
Today we did not have electricity for about 6 hours and its not even the dead of summer yet.
My blogging may become slower friends because of the following reasons
1 Shortage of electricity and voltage fluctuation which affects the Internet connection.
2 Work overload as my trusted house help is no longer available.
3. The summer heat is physically draining and the room in which I have my computer is quite hot.
4 I don 't do touch typing , so I 'm slow.Suffer from eye strain too.
But I 'll do my best. Please understand if I am slow at visiting your blogs. I love you all and you are very important to me and I have not forgotten fact my blogging friends are a huge part of my life.
I am not a fair weather friend, its just that the weather is not fair towards me.
Do you have a special tradition which you follow in church for Good Friday?

6 Fertilize my soul:

Jo's-D-Eyes said...

Hey Amrita,
I love this typoe of flowers very much, do you want some of our rainshowers? :) We have 'as usual" some rainy March day, tipical for March Thoug...

Enjoy every day and SMILE:)

Rebecca said...

yes, we all go to church dressed in black and listen to some very boring stuff!!! But it is a good discipline and a good preparation for the Easter saturday services and then of course, Easter Sunday Morning.

Pat said...

I wish I could hear each of the speakers comments on the 7 last words of Jesus - especially yours. I'm sure the Holy Spirit will speak though you and it will be very meaningful.

Reighnie said...

What a beautiful flower and congratulations on being chosen for a reading. That's wonderful!

That is awful and very sad about Aunt P. It's terrible how some families treat each other.

Renae said...

I live in Texas, so I know a little about the heat - though probably not to your extreme.

Wishing you cool breezes, household help, and good internet reception. :-)

Blessings, dear sister!

Susan Skitt said...

Beautiful flowers Amrita. I like what you're doing on good Friday, very nice. And the food sounds yummy :)

I'm sorry to hear how difficult it is with the electricity over there. It must be frustrating at times.

As for traditions on Good Friday? We celebrate on Wednesday night with a communion dinner. We have a carry-in-dinner where each family brings a dish to share. I am making roast beef and bringing a salad of some sort. Then after the dinner we have a short worship service and communion with unleavened bread and grape juice. We also have a sunrise service on Easter morning, or like our church likes to call it, Ressurection Sunday.