Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Birthday Visit

Unexpected bloom in the monsoonThe grapefruit ripen in Nov/Dec

Visited an aunt on her birthday this morning. She said her greatest gift was her son and daughter and their families getting together to celebrate the occasion after a very long time.They live a short distance from each other but hardly ever meet.

Bought mutton (goat meat) and vegetables on the vay back.Our food prices have really shot up, and all over the world too. I bought meat after a gap of several weeks.I don 't miss it much.A vegetarian meal cooked to my liking satisfies me.

Simran came for lessons in the evening. She has her term tests next month and she has missed out on a lot of school. Parental neglect.She is putting in a lot of effort but she is way behind.I feel so sorry for her.Her mother came so late to pick her up the poor child started to cry and we tried to comfort her the best we could.

Today was a day of high drama in the Indian Parliament.But the present government von the vote of confidence by a good majority - Praise God for that.

The government of this world rest upon our Prince Of Peace as Isaiah says.
He appoints our leaders.

History is HIS STORY

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Saija said...

i could pretty well each vegetarian too ... with leo usually fighting nausea - we don't eat much meat ... so tho' the prices are going up, we haven't noticed it as much ...

blessings on your day!

monsoon dreams said...

is it raining there?
amrita,it's so nice of u to help simran with her studies.
hope ur day is good.

monsoon dreams said...
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Renae said...

Beautiful flowers, Amrita. I have caught up on several posts today.

You inspire me, dear sister.

Mrs. Mac said...

Is that a gladiola flower??? Very beautiful color! Our winters are too harsh to have citrus trees ... so I do splurge now and then and purchase fresh lemons. My father won't pay the price for a fresh lemon ... instead he buys lemon juice in a plastic bottle ,,, yuck! Your grapefruit will be such a treat later this year! You are correct that food prices have gone up worldwide ... along with everything else ... and no end of price increases in sight. Hugs from Idaho, USA

Rebecca said...

I am curious.....mutton in my culture is old sheep meat....it is very good if cooked for a long time, especially in a slow cooker....does the same apply for goat meat? I have eaten goat many times in Indonesian restaurants and find it delightful but have no idea how it was cooked...I would not even know where to buy it here...tips please!!

Julia Dutta said...

Hi Amrita,
An occassional non-veg eater, mutton is my great favourite made the Rannamama's way ( a post I hope you did read) but really the only price that has deflated is the price money given for the trust vote! For the rest we continue to reel under the pressure of rising prices.

:))) Julia

Ash said...

The flowers are gorgeous!!

Amrita said...

Hi there,
Yes Saija veggies keep us healthy too. But there vas a time v had meat daily.

Yes those are gladiola. They usually bloom in Dec/Jan Mrs mac, but because of cool rain they popped out just one bloom.If only i could send you our fresh lemons.

Its raining a lot here. Monsoon Dreams, Many rivers are flooded. There is Hurricane Dolly moving over TX pray you all are safe.

Rebecca, mutton for us is goat meat. The animals are reared for that purpose, so the meat is tender.Although it has bones, but you can get rid of them.A lot of our curries are mutton and v have mutton pilaf.

I guess in N America you can get goat meat from a farm, even in Europe too,may Greece, Turkey or countries Muslim in culture.
I didn 't kno Indonesias ate mutton.

Yes Julia I have had Bengali mutton curry, its very good. the trust vote kept us glued to the tube for a long time.Such a circus.

Thank you Ash. The Bath pictures are great.They remind me of old English classics

Julia Dutta said...

Now I must wipe my mouth from drooling....such delicious kebabs! You are such a good cook too Amrita. They say, not all good eaters are good cooks; however, all good cooks are good lovers:)))) I can see that on your blog....My! you are a crowd puller! Wonderful HR person :)))))

I will agree with you, wrt the Vote of Trust. *sigh*, India has once again joined the circus team!

Calfkeeper said...

Beautiful flowers as usual. I love the pictures you post.

I will be praying for Sinran and all those others your life touches.

Interesting; I had never seen pictures of green grapefruits on the tree before.