Monday, 14 July 2008

Sunday Blessings - Cast Your cares Upon Christ

My Sunday began with a little rumble

As mama was climbing the church steps she tripped over her sari and had a fall. Praise God no bones were broken, but she was hurt and in pain. I asked her to returned home and lay down but she refused ; I will not let the Devil keep me away from church, she said. She went to church after a gap of several Sundays. It vas good as it lifted her up.Rev Dr M spoke on the Fruits of Wisdom from Prov. 3
I vas more shaken up than her. The men helped her up the steps.Our church steps are rather uneven as they are about 200 years old. I too have difficulty climbing them because of knee trouble.Please keep praying for her.She doesn 't feel too good after her tummy problem and is not eating much.I made her these dahi vadas - lentil fritters in a yogurt sauce.She had some of it sans the sauce.

We had Martin V attending service for the first time. He first came to Allahabad as a young man from Malaysia to study at the Agricultural College.He got into drugs but was saved at one of our student camps.After finishing studies Martin started teaching in the College and the fellowship elders arranged his marriage with a girl from our fellowship.They have returned with 2 of their children to teach in the college.This photo is from time past.

This canopied sving vas on sale at the crafts bazaar.Looks so inviting, just needs some cushions.
(2 keys on my keyboard are not working, so I 'm having trouble)

When V are dovn in the valley its good to remember

Duet 33;27

The Eternal God

is your refuge

and underneath

are the everlasting arms

13 Fertilize my soul:

Renae said...

I am so sorry that your dear mother took a fall! I hope she is not too bruised up. I understand what you mean about your being more shaken up than she was.

I think you are doing a fine job maneuvering your keyboard, even with keys not working!

Robin said...

that meal looks really good...a recipie would be great:)
I did not receive an email about the joshua project-I've been looking for it.
You have me thinking the last few days! We keep wanting to buy our own house, but we also want to be doing what the Lord would have us to do. Every time we look at a house it sells! I told my sister that if I cant have a house of my own, maybe I should travel and go to india for a visit:)
The pastor of the church we visited in Romania supports a missionary in india, we are waiting to hear where in case it is close to you.
God bless you today amrita~

Felisol said...

Dear Amrita,
I think the two of us have really tough Moms. Neither will give in.
Have the doctor seen her about her stomach problems??
It's hard on you too being in charge when your Mom is so often ill.
You make the most delicious food, and so nicely decorated. I'm getting hungry every time I see what you are making.
Classy garden swing.
Ours are a lot more primitive, but it works on rare hot days.

I will pray especially for your knee.
Hope for better times both for you and your Mom.
Best wishes from Felisol

Anonymous said...

hmmm...first of all all the prayers for you mama's & your good health....wish all your knee problems get well soon....but if you are going to make these kind of lovely recipes, i don't know if the tummy problem can be kept away....on a more serious note, the photos are really lovely...God bless!

Saija said...

i thought you were blogging with an accent ... *smiling* ... but it was key problems ... !

sheesh, your poor mom - bruises for going to church ... double blessings on you both!

monsoon dreams said...

hope ur mama is fine now.dahi vada looks so inviting.i want to have one now:-(

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

Thank you for visiting my blog today. It is nice to "meet" a fellow rose grower and Christian. I am sorry to hear that your mom fell, and I hope she is doing better.

Peace in Him.

Sita said...

I'm sorry, Amrita, but Saija's comment totally cracked me up as I really loved the 'sving vas'...even now I am losing it...
sorry about your Mom though...sounds a bit like my Mom too...pray everyone is doing OK now
...vas great chatting vit you..
Love, Sita (-;

Shari said...

I hope your mom is doing better now. From the posts I've read about her from you, she's tough. :) I will pray for a good recovery. :)


Julia Dutta said...

Gosh! I too thought that you probably have got too used to the sms language! V for we and stuff like that. Thankfully it is only the keys. Sorry to hear about your Mum Amrita. Hope the pain eases soon. I am going to send this post to my friend in Australia - maybe she might, just might know Martin! Those were the days.....!!!

Tori Leslie said...

So glad your Mom was okay and not hurt seriously.

Sounds like a wonderful Lord's Day!

Have a blessed week!

Susan Skitt said...

I hope your mom is feeling better. It's so good to see the determination of the saints to be where the Lord's Word is preached!

Also, how good to hear about Martin and how he was saved at one of your student camps. And now he can minister to others with his family.

I am so glad that God is our eternal refuge and strength!

the mother of this lot said...

Hope Mama is feeling much better Amrita - my mum had a fall lastnight too. I went running round to her house, but thankfully, she was not so bad. Like you said, I was more shaken than she was!