Monday, 28 July 2008

Sunday Blessings - Mera Yassu

Here is a lovely Punjabi Praise song sung by Shreya Kant. It has an English rap to go along, so its bilingual.It says My Jesus,My Father died on the Cross for my Salvation. The roadside tea shop you see is typical.

Had a number of first time people in church so that 's good.

Simran 's first ? on Sat. evening vas; Can I come tomorrow? We told her she could.Its the love she is getting , and she has dinner too.Please pray this child may put her trust in Jesus and be like those young people in the video singing a praise song to the Lord.

Please pray that some important papers may be cleared in our bank.I am asking for God 's special favor. Things are so hard to settle.

I tell you

now is the time of God 's favor

now is the day

of salvation

2 Cor 6;2

Some days back I heard that a young missionary couple working for UESI (sister organization of the Inter Varsity Fellowship) vas injured in a bus accident. They were on their vay to Delhi from the Punjab.Srinivasan Rao and their little son vere not hurt very badly but Padma 's (his wife) arm and hand vas badly smashed.

The doctor 's have operated 3 times and put in metal plates but there are not sure if she can use her hand again.Padma is in great pain.They also need financial aid.Believers are supporting them.Please remember the Rao 's in prayer.


You must have heard that last weekend 2 Indian cities vere rocked by terror attacks.One person died in Bangalore and 45 died in Ahmadabad.Shame-faced covards the murderers are. TV mages are so heart rending. Security is just another word.

I vas telling my mother. I will write out my funeral service etc on a sheet of paper and put it in my Bible, and suppose I don 't return home one day, just take it out and follow it.On the side bar on one lady 's blog she has mentioned her funeral service.

Its good to remember

The Lord watches over you -

the Lord is your shade

at your right hand

The Lord vill

keep you from all harm -

he will watch over your life;

the Lord will watch over

your coming and going

both now

and forevermore

Psalm 121;5, 7-8

11 Fertilize my soul:

Saija said...

yes, i saw the bombings in India on tv, and i checked your blog a few times over the weekend - hoping that you were fine ... though so VERY sad for the ones who experienced this horrific event ...

in this world we will never have peace - until the Prince of Peace arrives ...

so glad you are fine ... ((hugs))

Felisol said...

Dear Amrita,
I'm also following the bombings in India with a close eye.
I do have a friend there, Amrita is her name. I'm praying for your safety.
From Felisol

Sita said...

My heart hurts when I see Satan's hatred for Mankind hurled so viciously. Bombings have his mark-the mark of cowardice. May God use this tragedy to draw people unto Himself.
I so enjoyed that clip...must be my Indian roots combined with my Caribbean rhythm..Indian music + cool.never heard of the singer...great voice...
do take care..and yes...we should all be ready at any one knows except Him...
Love, Sita

Rebecca said...

those are heavy things for youto have to think about and act on but obviously the reality in which you/we live..........

Rebecca said...

You have been tagged...check my blog

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

And I thought an Scandinavian was writing the post, with the v instead of the w, he, he, he, *lol* It's really horrible to see those who died in the latest terrorist attack in India. They have these things all over the world. God bless us all. Thanks for the post. God bless you always my sister in Christ.

Julia Dutta said...

Dear Amrita,
This too will pass I hope....there is no end to the pain the people of Gujarat are going thru' along with those in Bangalore. And in the middle of it all, our politicians have one purpose - to politicise the issue and blame one another. Dr Kiran Bedi did mention that there is such a paucity of policemen/defence personnel that it is not at all difficult to carry on terror attacks on innocent citizens, because, all the forces are guarding our Politicians and as you know, few want to join the Forces today and those who want to join the Police services, want to do so, because they want to make quick money under the table, or rather, right under everybody's nose.
Thank you for commenting on my posts. Lovely to see you there :))))

Ash said...

She's Anil Kant's daughter? Think I've heard of her. Lovely music!

Rebecca said...

Seing te cross there in the video reminds me of the Dinka Crosses of the Sudan - my first home.......the women there wave them up and down as they worship.....

Amrita said...

That siong is really good.

Yes Ash she is Anil Kant 's daughter. Good voice she has got. They have satsangs in Mumbai

nannykim said...

I enjoyed the music---she has a lovely voice. My prayers are with you.