Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Gotta Eat

Someone has said ; I EAT TO KEEP MY MIND OFF FOOD.Don 't you agree?

Those are not my legs. I uploaded the above from
Today I made patties or kebabs with soya granules.
They come a box.
You cook them with lentils and spices, then zip them in a food processor.Add finely chopped onions, fresh coriander leaves (green chillies ). Form patties and shallow fry them in a skillet.
They go well with any kind of bread or rice or you can just have them with ketchup or a dip.
Mine turned out
like this

The lemon and green chillies are from our garden.Plums are from the market.

22 Fertilize my soul:

Jeanette said...

Amrita, you are too funny! I love your sense of humor!

I think you could write a cookbook and illustrate it with your own pictures. My mouth is watering just reading your blog today!

Nancy said...

I agree with Jeanette Amrita, you have a wonderful sense of humor ! God Bless you !

Dick said...

Funny pictures, are you sure those legs are not yours? lol.

Kimmie said...

The little ones are so cute and your dish looks yummy Amrita!

mama to 6
one homemade and 5 adopted

Robin said...

Im gonna try that lentil patty recipie-very interesting!
Thanks for sharing:)
btw, my husband laughed out loud when he read you comment about seeing the cow poo in the road and thinking of
i get alot of that 'stuff' in my life with cows that life right behind our farmhouse--im just glad i dont have to take care of them.
Do women in india give hugs, or kiss*kiss on each cheek or?

Kate said...

YUM! I absolutely LOVE those soy crumbles (as we call them here)I substitute them for meat all the time.

Julia Dutta said...

I came back to say this Amrita, ever since the W in your keyboard has stopped working, your posts and responses have brought back the laughter in my life! Vat an idea Sir ji's!!
Julia :)))))

Robin said...

I left you a little surprise on my page today...come n get it!! :)

Simply Shelley said...

Hi dear Amrita, very cute pictures. I am so blessed by visiting your blog. You are truly a dear Saint of God. I treasured the story you gave about the hollow tree.It was very touching !
You have a wonderful way of responding to God's Spirit...

I am thankful your Moma suffered no broken bones in her fall.
God's blessings to you and Moma...


Sheryl said...

Oh my goodness, I laughed out loud about your comment "those are not my legs". You are hilarious.

Love to you,

Cream Custard said...

I love visiting this blog! The comments make me laugh as much as some of the posts. The posts also give me the balance of fun and serious thought that I thirst for!

Thanks to all of you!

Mark said...

Hi Amrita. Nice to hear from you on my blog. Your blog is very colorful with lots of cool pictures. I have added it to my RSS feeder.

As for the comments on my blog you referred to, you didn't see the beginning of it. There were some I deleted, and you should especially check out:

Even in things like this, God has his purposes. Praise Jesus.

Mark said...

Oops. Those are all from the July 21 posting on

Sita said...

You really should create your very own cyber recipe book with the great pics you take as well...
how is Mom these days..hope all is well..take care...
Love, Sita

Amrita said...

Thank you all my very dear friends.

Robin try these patties. I vill email you the recepi.You boil the soya granules vith yello lentils some cinnamom, pepper corn, bay leaf cardamom, clove, chopped up garlic, ginger root and little onion and salt. If you like it hot add chilli. Cook till the lentils are soft - I pressure cook.Cool, remove the spices and blend it in a food processor. Form patties, you can add a little corn flour.They are ready for frying.

Oh my a cyber cook book - actually my sisters are better cooks than me.

Hi Little Yello, the faithful are cheering for you, my brother.Are you going to China for the Olympics?

My mother is much better.In fact yesterday I got into a tizzy about a recently repaired tap, she tried to diffuse the situation

Hi C C life is sugar and spice and everything nice and not so nice , so I mix humour and gravity (if I may call it that)

Since I got my unlimited internet I am listening to Christian Radio. My favourtie genre ...Traditional, Gospel,hymns, Choral, Classical, Boys Choirs, celtic.I like salsa , but I can 't get any.

My musical taste is from the gramaphone age.

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Hi Amrita,
You have such disciplined dogs and cats who eat in such orderly manners.
Thanks for the amusing post. God bless you and your loved ones always.

Sita said...

Hey Amrita,
Odd...The video works really well when I play it...try the source..
it is a great you know it?
take care, my friend with the sugar-and-spice-and-not-so-nice life,

Amrita said...

I don 't kno y Sita I am having trouble vith video speed these days.they say its the rains.

nvittal said...

Very cute pics. Reminded me of the 'fun', when we had four cats in our small apartment! LOL

Amrita said...

Hi Julia, hope you can get this in your Inbox

I tried opening your page several times, but as soon as I do that, my computer freezes and I have to re-boot. Sorry.

Anonymous said...

the pups and kitties are sooooo cute!

Julia Dutta said...

Hi Amrita,
You know what, I am really distressed. Sita said the same think...some obscene pictures come on as soon as she gets onto my blog and you are saying and have said before too this thing that you have to re-boot everytime you come to my blog. I tried to notify google and to a certain extent I am tech-zilch beyond a certain all I will do is now take off all that silly and highly misleading AdSense stuff I got conned into. We used to joke in my Advertising days - the first people who get conned by ads are ad people themselves!!
Thanks for the alert...