Monday, 21 July 2008

Life Lessons

I have heard sermons about turning the other cheek, loving our enemies, if someone asks for your shirt give away your coat too etc. etc. And I have asked the Lord to help me assimilate and practice these teachings of Christ in my life.
God takes our prayers very seriously opens ways for us to put our faith into shoe-leather as Dr J Vernon McGee would say.
I was not going to share this experience in a post, but I struggled with it , so I thought I might put it here.

A day after Aunt Sybil 's funeral I discovered that a young woman with a troubled past,who sometimes comes to our church had caused Mama and me considerable financial loss. I went into shock and panic, but I did not share it with Mama as she was suffering and ill.I told 2 of my sisters about it.(Mama does not know about this )
At first my heart was full of anger and resentment against this girl -Al.But after speaking to my sisters and Prem I just committed the whole incident in the Lord 's hands and asked Him to wash away the hurt and loss from my heart.

Al has had a troubled childhood.Her mother died when she was a baby and her father neglected and emotionally abused her brother and her.
She made several false starts in life and messed up relationships quite often.

Our family tried to help the two siblings several times.Once when she was a teenager Al became mute. It was a psychological problem. But people around her thought it was demon possession - maybe it was.
She needed to be counselled but people were afraid and no one would open their home to her.My parents took her in and tried to" bring her around". Once in church she went berserk and started screaming at the preacher but when we prayed she went mute again. (I was working in another place when all this took place)
The Lord used my younger sister Namrita as a catalyst and she helped Al return to normal life.

Al is now married and has a 4 year old son. She is much better now, but you know we are made of clay and slip at a moment 's notice.
Last week I heard that she had been very sick and the doctors had to give her 2 bottles of blood to save her life.
Immediately my mind said;Aha this is what happens to people who ---And a number of "suitable" Bible verses flashed on my brain.
But the Lord rebuked me and said ;You go and visit her on her sick bed.
After that ,the matter was settled in my soul and I went to see her.
She was lying on her bed and her little son was playing next to her.Compassion and love flowed from my heart - she looked so sick and weak.I sat with her for sometime and visited with her parents and husband. As I was leaving she asked me to pray for her and I laid hands on her and prayed. And the Lord gave me such peace in my heart.

I learnt a lesson about forgiveness and 1 Cor 13 -LOVE
When I was a student we had weekly Bible studies and prayer meetings . In these meetings our leaders encouraged us to share what the Lord had taught us that week and share our burdens and prayer requests.In that same spirit I shared my experience here, not to appear noble or righteous. But to testify about the grace of God which flows to a weak needy person like me

Lord ,like the old tree in the photo , light a fire in the hollow emptiness of my life.

17 Fertilize my soul:

Sheryl said...

Love the new look, your blog looks beautiful! Your heart for the Lord is an inspiration to me. The way that you listen to Him and do as He asks...

I love your words "light a fire in the hollow emptiness of my life".

Amrita, God is using you in mighty ways.


Sita said...

Amrita, I echo your thoughts. A while back, God put me in a position where I had to interact with someone I feared because she hurt me in the past. I committed that day to God and as I looked straight into her eyes, God filled me with an amazing surge of compassion for her, allowing me to see her needy heart. I got that small voice in my mind saying, "She is not the enemy here..the enemy is he who hates my children.."
Only God can give us that which we cannot as humans drum up, love and forgiveness in its purest form that wells up from a living Fountain within.
I echo your prayer, "Father, light a fire in the hollowness within.."
Thanks again for blessing me, Amrita.
Love, Sita

kostas said...

Hi Amrita
Very good your new planning blog's.
The photograph is most excellent as the text.
We thank that him you are shared together us!

Donetta said...

Sweet Heart that was a special privilege for you to have. It is given to those who "choose" to love. It is an "act" of our will. God knows why all and or each of us is who and how we are. His mercy is "all" understanding, all knowing. He knows each fiber of our cloth. His is a divine mercy.
It was an honor to you, to allow it to flow through you.

Cream Custard said...

This is exactly what I needed to hear! Thank you so much for sharing.

Rebecca said...

What a wonderful lesson you have written out here for us. It really is true that God will use the difficult things in our lives to bless and encourage others if we are willing to be open and honest about grows in te darkest places and here we see a glimpse of the beauty of the Lord Jesus in you. Be encouraged!

Jeanette said...

Amrita, your words have reached into all of our hearts. Thank you.

Julia Dutta said...

Dear Amrita,
Exactly why I say that some lives are touched by God and it shows! Not many can forgive those who in any way cheat them.
I am battling with a similar situation today and for now a few days - a good friend, has been using me financially, or so I think and of course I am bitter about it. The only difference is, I am unable to as yet take it to the Lord and leave it there for Him to solve for me. Hence, Amrita, it gives me strength to read about people like you, who can and who do turn to God for everything in your life, good and bad. Its inspiring...

Ash said...

Lord ,like the old tree in the photo , light a fire in the hollow emptiness...

So true!

Robin said...

I'm glad you followed the Lord prompting you to lay hands and pray for this woman-sounds like it was good for both of you:)
God bless you Amrita!!

Amrita said...

Thank you dear friends.

I feel humbled by your comments.Sometimes forgiveness comes after a long struggle and I can pretend to forgive but hold it in my heart,but if v let God He vill help us let go.

Amrita said...

elcome to my blog cream custard.

I like that dessert! LOL

Cream Custard said...

Thank you for the velcome! I love your accent! It is so ... vell, is it Norvegian or is it Svedish?

I shall be back!

Amrita said...

No , C C my keyboard is not vorking properly and sometimes the spell check doen 's vork.So there.

Kimmie said...


This post really has healed me, earlier today I was crying about a situation with a girl who is like my sister. She has hurt me deeply, so deeply that I don't even want to see her anymore. I know I need to forgive her, but my heart hurts so much about what she has done-and the thoughtless way she has treated me. I know God wants me to forgive her and her husband...I am praying and asking God to help hurts so much and in my own strength I will never be able to do it.

I need His strenghth...
thank you for blessed me greatly.

mama to 6
one homemade and 5 adopted

nvittal said...

Everybody's struggle, Isn't it? It's one big learning for sure.

Terra said...

This is a lovely and powerful story about how you practiced forgiveness. This is a difficult virtue to actually practice.
I enjoy reading your blog and visiting with you here.
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