Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Good Flick

This evening watched a 1989 movie called Dad, (on HBO) starring Jack Lemmon.It really touched my heart.

Its about a young executive who returns home to take care of his aging parents.Its about care giving, relationships, love and understanding. The movie struck a cord in me.There are so many tender moments in it, you want to cry.
I would recommend to to all my friends specially those who have aging parents.
Have to pray for the political leadership of my country and our coalition government. The Left parties and others have withdrawn support and the present UPA alliance is short of 9 seats in the Parliament.Our country is in a great upheaval.Its all due to the nuclear deal.
May the Lord guide our leaders.

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Sheryl said...

Once again thank you for my opening my eyes to the needs of others in different countries. Oh, what we take for granted here in the U.S.


Renae said...

Rev. 22:20 "He who testifies to these things says, "Yes, I am coming soon." Amen. Come, Lord Jesus.

Julia Dutta said...

Hi Amrita,
My pleasure really. And thanks for this film info. Must watch.
You know Amrita, this time we need to pray for a government with the fear of the Lord inside. They say, India is the most spiritual country and it reminds everyone of mysticism. But, we know how mysterious are the ways of our polititians, how deceptive too! God, save this country.

Robin said...

I remember that movie-a good one:)
I know Gods Word says that He sets the leaders of nations in place, but I cant help but shake my head and wonder what He is thinking sometimes. Then I remember this earth, this life, is not as it was meant to be, that there is coming a new hvn & earth where all this conflict and unrest will be no more. Some days I cant wait for that! God bless you toda amrita:)

Pat said...

Since I am an aging parent, and had aging parents...that movie is a must see.
Will certainly pray for your country and government that the Lord would truly guide and direct your leaders.

Roo said...

and speaking of "DAD" hubby just became one for the second time!! we had another perfect little daughter -- last week. we are in baby heaven. :) xoxo

Amrita said...

Thank you for you thoughtful comments friends.
Keep praying our my country.It is the Lord who appoints leaders and gives direction to his choosen ones. I amreading the book of Daniel these days.

Oh yes Ruth a very big hug to you and Eliora. Just this morning i saw your post. God bless you.

Gudl said...

Thanks for the movie recommendation. I will check it out!

Amrita said...

Thank you friends for commenting.

Have to keep praying for our government. On July 22nd there is a vote of confidence in Parliament.
God appoints leaders and giver authority to kings and princes, the Bible says.

nvittal said...

When I see your hope on our 'netas', I just can't help but smile. Even God probably gave up on those jokers! :) But I like your positive mind.
(alright - I didn't mean to offend your religious sentiments in any form)

Scott R. Davis said...

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