Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Catty Business

Got a Kitty to help me with the job - I named him Michael Angelo.

Terry saw my previous masterpiece and encouraged me to create this.I feel like Michael Angelo 's apprentice. LOL. Poor Sheeba looks cornered, surrounded by feline foes.

Dear Friends, Thank you for your prayers. mama is much better . I popped into my homeopathic shop, described her symptoms and he gave me a digestive syrup which helped her a lot.
Earlier our family Doctor, a very famous physician prescribed pills over the phone from Delhi.He was very kind,usually they don 't do that and charge heavy fees.But since he was out of town, he did us a favor.We were glad we saved his very expensive fees too.
God proves His lovingkindness towards us in such simple things.
Terry go ahead and swipe Sheeba picture.She 's up for grabs.
I used the cookie cutter shape.


Hey friends can you help our Kitty give captions to picture for example:-

Its Raining Cats and Dog


Taming of the Shew

A Thorn Among Roses

and what Robert Orben has said;



17 Fertilize my soul:

Jo's-D-Eyes said...

Hello Amrita,

You are very creative in this Catty and dog collage, welldone
I am glad your mommy is doing better too...

Thanks for your visit and YES I hope I will do better by every day... I could not blog-visit everyone, but I noticed you cam back all the time THANK YOU!

This Friday I will post my last post before the soummer holidays, I explain wher we go, so just keep an 'eye' open and visit my blog

You are such a dear person to me, just take care my friend:)

Donetta said...

Oh I am so glad your Mother is better. Did you get a cat? I think that is what you are saying? You sound upbeat. I trust your having a great day.

Amrita said...

Have a great holiday Joann.Where are you going?

No Donetta , I don 't have a cat, those are Internet kitties.

Can you help KittyAngelo with a caption

Dick said...

Lovely picture and a nice story.

Robin said...

Too cute! You made me smile-needed it today too:)
bless you~

Terry said...

That Sheeba is one tamed doggie now, eh?
Maybe you had better reward the poor pooch by finding him some internet puppies for his big green paw!
That kitty in the green hat is a real scream!

Glad that your mama is feeling better.
She did the right thing. After falling and knowing you have no broke bones. it is the best to just keep on going. Laying around would have just stiffened her up too much. She really has a good attitude!

Keep up with your artistic work!...Love Terry

Terry said...

This is for the second picture that you created Amrita.
With all of those felines surrounding the famous hunter.
"The hunted has been snared!"
Ha!!! Sit Sheeba, sit and while are at it say "Uncle"! ha!

Vicki said...

"Who needs a cat nap? I've got surfing to do!" LOL

Love this photo, Amrita:-) Too cute.
Hope you're doing well. Praying still for your sweet mother.


Felisol said...

Dear Amrita,
so glad your mom is doing better.
I have great faith in homeopathic medicin. Best thing is; it don't have side effects.

Those Kitten pictures were great. Terry must have been a good teacher and you ditto pupil.
From Felisol

Renae said...

Dear Amrita,

So glad your mom is better. Isn't God good? He made sure your mom got the medicine she needed without the heavy expense.

As for your picture, it looks like your dog is thinking, "So many cats, so little time . . . "

Or perhaps, "I'm dreaming of a white kit-mas?"

Or maybe he's even thinking, "Why won't they let me into their club? I feel so rejected."

Blessings, Amrita!

Julia Dutta said...

Dear Amrita,
You are getting more amazing day by day....I thought I would congratulate you on how Sheba was perhaps the first time in his life getting a loving "paw" from your cat, but I opened today, to find that the Cat is at the comp now - What a cat(chy)canine!
Julia :)))

Sita said...

So glad Mom is doing better...keep up the creativity!
Love, Sita

Scott R. Davis said...

thanks for visiting my blogs. i sure could use the help of the cat while I am away from work. scott

Saija said...

i like vicki's caption ...
great pic!
it was a smile maker over here ... and so glad your mom is feeling better!
YAY for the Lord's care of your pocket book too! :o)

Calfkeeper said...

I like the Robert Orben quote. Very good!

Calfkeeper said...

I like the Robert Orben quote. Very good!

Calfkeeper said...

I like the Robert Orben quote. Very good!