Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Project Nehemiah

In April my friend Louise had posted me some Cds and when they did not arrive I thought they were lost in the mail and was very sad.But surprise - surprise I got them yesterday.
Actually they vere wrongly delivered to a neighbours house.
They are very rich people and royals - during the British Raj they ruled over a princely state which is still theirs (a large part of it) but their titles vere abolished.
The Queen , we knew more closely (my sister taught the grandson in her pre-school) is no more.Rajah Sahib received the package sometime back and did not know how to send it to us ( below their dignity to come over, I suppose). So when an ex-trusted servant came to visit him, he sent the parcel to us.
To our great joy and surprise.Better late than never.
The music really gladdens my heart.
I could never get these here and even if I could they, would cost a lot.

Due to heavy rainfall a 30 meter section of our church boundary (can 't spell the vord) collapsed.So yesterday we launched into
Project Nehemiah
A large section of the
monsoon undergrowth and bushes
had to be cleared

This tree which grew right into the boundary
had to be chopped
The bricks cleared and a trench dug
for the foundation

The old building in the background is an unoccupied bungalow , neglected by the owners, they live in Delhi ..Hired 3 men but tomorrow, there 'll be 5

We have marched forward into this venture
trusting the Lord to provide the finances needed
about $400
Our Lord will meet our need.
Prayers are needed on our behalf.
Mother has a bad cough. She 's taking cough syrup and steam inhalation.

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monsoon dreams said...

hope your mom is better now.i'm glad the cds have reached you,though a bit have wonderful friends ,amrita.

Jeanette said...

Hi Amrita! That looks like a huge job, and I pray that all goes well with all the work involved

I wonder if God knew you needed encouragement now even more than before, so He allowed those CDs to be delayed and reach you just at the right time! That would be just like Him!

Shari said...

I am glad that you got your parcel. Yes, better late than never.

Looks like a lot of work to be done on the church. Hope it works out and can be repaired as soon as possible.

Julia Dutta said...

Hi Amrita,
Sad the tree had to be cut to re-build the wall. When there is no rain, there is draught and when there is too much, there is damage. The earlier caused by the forgotten Indeginous ways of water harvesting and the latter in some way related to that. The pictures of work-in-progress is nice. Sad the ownder of the bungalow behind don't care about this beautiful little bumgalow with Mangalore tiles. I love houses with mangalore tiles and yellow painted walls :)))

Ash said...

Glad you got the parcel. Enjoy the Cds. Hope your mom feels better soon. Sending love and prayers her way!

Pat said...

Praying your Mother feels better soon. Maybe you can play her some lovely praise and worship music while she recovers. Louise will be so happy to know her gift has finally arrived!

Donetta said...

Hello, I hope she gets better soon. Perhaps some honey and lemon. It is what we use when a tickle causes us to cough Hay sis email me your address again. I will see if I can find a key board around here for you. Mr U said that we should try to send one. What planting zone are you in? I love the blog down to earth. She has been very helpful in sharing her knowledge. Is there anything else that might be on a wish list?
Love you

Terry said...

Dear Amrita...It is 12:08 a.m. in Canada. August 1.
It is your birthday!
Happy Birthday to you and may the Lord bless you and may your every wish come true....Love Terry

Looks like Louise's gift came right in time for your birthday. It wasn't late. It was early!!!

Creative-Type Dad said...

Wow, that's a lot of work.
Hope your mom gets better soo

Felisol said...

Dear Amrita.
I wish you a wonderful birthday, with good food, presents and happy people all around you.
For sure you deserve that.

August 1st is a big day in our family too. My granddad's day.
He's been in heaven for 47 years now, but my Mom went to his grave yesterday with fresh flowers to celebrate his day.

Best wishes from Felisol

Amrita said...

Thank you friends for you precious greetings. Really made my day and made me forget the electricity voes.

I am so glad the Cds areached me, better late than never.Rajah Sahib vas concerned that if he sent them over vith an unreliable servant they might get nicked, I understand his point.Unsually the postmen don 't do this, they kno mee very vell, I give them baksheesh (or gifts) at Christmas, it must have been a mistake, our surnames match. The Rajah is also a Singh like me.

Oh Felisol, you also have a family rememberance dayon August 1.I think its Stzerland 's national Day.I share my birthday vith a cousin 's girlfriend.Today is another friends 's birthday, a PE teacher and sports coach, lives in another city.
A cousin called from London, her birthday falls this month too and she declared; All great prople are born in August.A gross overstatement I kno LOL.

Yes Tony, its a lot of vork and so hard and you 'll be surprised to hear that the vages are about $4 a day. But in our economy that 's not cheap.

Hi Shari, So happyyou are recovering so vell. Take care my friend.

Hi Donetta, you are such a kind hearted and generous friend and Daddy U too. I am overvhelmed. I shall email you, the electricity is about to go off.

Love to all