Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Doggie Pause

With help from Terry I was able to do this.
Sheeba on a mongoose hunting mission

5 Fertilize my soul:

Ash said... cute!!
Delightful framing :-)

Terry said...

Ha!! Sheeba!!
See, now what you can do Amrita is get four cat heads and put them into each paw, just to bug Sheeba!
What you do is go to Google , pick a few cute cats, save them to a with Picture it one at a time and when four pictures are there, put one on Picture it screen just by clicking on to which ever you want.
Go to "format" and resize picture if you have to, and then put the picture of Sheeba on main screen. Drag kitties one at a time to each of paw whether they like it or not. Just tell them that there is safety in numbers. After all, there are four cats to one doggie.
I think that it would be really cute!
I must admit though Amrita, I don't know how you ever did make this paw!!!
It is beyond me! You are very artistic just like my sister, Betty.

Well here's hoping that Sheeba won't get too mad at you!...Love Terry.

PS..I am going to see if I can do it and send you the results!! Ha!!
I WILL have to swipe your picture of Sheebat though because like I said, I don't know how you did it!!

Sita said...

Hey...way too cool, you very talented woman!

Jo's-D-Eyes said...

This is also a very great design Amrita!!! very welldone, my compliments:)

Amrita said...

Go ahead and swipe Terry. I did it with the program you sent me my dear.

Have a look at my kitties and give the pic. a caption.

I just wanted to tickle Sheeba, everybody.LOL