Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Happy Birthday Prem

10 Fertilize my soul:

Carol-Ann Allen said...

Happy Birthday, Prem!
May your day overflow with blessing and strength and peace!

Bruce, Carol-Ann and Kinza

JO said...

happy birthday! May your new year be wonderful!

Sita said...

What a beautiful blessing. Birthday blessings to Prem.

Terry said...

Happy Birthday dear Prem.
You are a great guy from what we see and hear in Amrita'a Yesu Garden.
It is so kind that you took the time to visit Cole with your encouraging comment.Thanks so much.
Guess what Prem?
It is the little guy's birthday on August 3. Maybe you can pay him a visit then, eh?
He will know the results of his tests on July 31.
We are all praying that they will be good!.....Love Terry

PS Hi Amrita! Why did you go and send Felisol "on the far side of the sea" all that hot weather for,eh?? Ha!!! Love Terry

Renae said...

Thank you for sharing this, Amrita! I sang this very arrangement years ago, with my high school choir.

Happy Birthday, Prem!

Ash said...

Happy Birthday, Prem!

Pat said...

Happy birthday Prem! This song does indeed say what our hearts feel. May God bless you with blessings that overflow!

Prem said...

Dear Amrita and all my well wishers,
Thank you very much for your kind thoughts and Birthday wishes.Just thanking God for his faithfulness and grace.Just been thinking about Psalms 139 verse 13 and 14.This is my prayer for this year.Father i want your heart of love and service seeking others interests more than my own,to be your Salt and Light wherever you have placed me,to seek your glory more than my own.Amrita you have done a great service with your Blog encouraging all of us in our walk with God .Keep up the good work.You are investing in Simrans life that is eternal and permanent,by your love and selfless service.God bless you.

Prem said...

Dear Terry,
Continuing to pray for Cole and Taylor for Gods healing touch.Would love to get in touch with Cole and Taylor.Where do they stay?We stay at Tracadie-Sheila in New Brunswick.Could you send their contact Nrs on my email that is prem_anju@yahoo.co.in

Julia Dutta said...

Happy Birthday Amrita! Amd Many Happy Returns of the day - August 1st :)))