Monday, 11 May 2009


After church, Abner, Milka and Chandi played on our veranda.
I love the sound
of children playing
in my house.
The movement of
excited voices,
the verbal tug of war,
childish arguments
even tattling
all pull at my heart strings
I like it so much
because one day, time will
wash away all this away
and the adult mind will
tick like a sophisticated time piece.
The following poem talks about it

When Childhood Dies

You see it in the eyes: The walls are built, Delight replaced by guilt When childhood dies.Afraid to show surprise, Beginning youngIt's best to hold the tongueWhen childhood dies.Uniqueness deemed unwise, One must fit inAnd wear a different skin When childhood dies.Behind adult disguise, A too tight gown, All naturalness shut downWhen childhood dies.You see it in the eyes, At nine or eightBefore, if that's their fate, When childhood dies. by Robert M Wilson
Avinash, Abner and Sonia
Both my BILs Prem and Avinash have zeal
for the Lord 's house.
Today Avinash donated his time and money to have
the front of the church cleaned.
We had a light shower in the morning
so it was cool the whole day.
That was a great blessing.
Sonia 's presence has taken pressure off me and
mother is also eating better.
We 've lived in what is
called "joint family" in India.
So we enjoy company and
people in the house.

10 Fertilize my soul:

Sita said...

How insightful that poem true...when you look into the eyes of children sparkling with life, the joy of living..and then the 'after' pic...the of living squeezed out by 'life' ironic...
Praise be to God who says, "I have come that they might have life and more abundant life"...

I was just doing a Bible study and read in the Psalms where God rescues because He delights in us...and I thought of my 'failures' and questioned, "How can He really delight in me..?"

Well, he quickly brought my own sons to mind. Oh absolutely they are sinners like me, they rebel, they fight, bicker, are selfish...could go on and on...BUT...then I see them grasp a spiritual truth, learn a new skill, laugh and tumble and play with each other...and my heart totally overlooks the 'faults' and pours out with delight, sheer delight...

God, I do understand...
Amrita, Your God delights in you, and delights to rescue you...
Have a great day,
Love, Sita

Brit said...

It is so true, and really something to think about for all of us!
We have seen the light in the eyes of children, that is good to see.
But it is not good when the light is not there. Something else has taken its place. Poor children who has it in that way!
Thank you for sharing this post!

Calfkeeper said...

These poems almost made me cry. How terribly true they are. Even as I deal with my daughter's 2 year old tantrum's I delight in her innocent joy and wonder and I think about how that will be lost as she ages and becomes jaded with the things of the world. I pray she can keep her innocence and childhood as long as possible.

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

That's a stunning poem. I wonder, since obviously some great minds have discovered this "death of childhood" where positive things are replaced by negative things, not by wisdom, why we don't have a way to stop this? I wonder how it can be stopped! Because the death of childhood is very sad...

Glad you are enjoying the visit of your sister! The kids look so sweet and fun! How nice of your BIL to have the front of the church cleaned.

Pat said...

Your comment intro says "fertilize my soul". Your posts do that for my soul.
Look at the eyes of these children, they are so innocent and beautiful. Your photos are so precious.
I also loved your Mother's Day post, and all the photos. Your Mother is quite an accomplished woman, and very lovely. I can see why your heart overflows with love.
Blessings on your day!

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Children are God's most precious gift to mankind. They are so adorable and pure just like little angels. And they are the most sincere and loyal creatures in the world. They love without measure and without reason. They are born with pure love in their hearts. Thanks for the post and the wonderful poem. God bless you always.

Gerry said...

I do love that big photo of the woman in the sari. I have always thought saris were fascinating womens wear, and that poem you quoted by Robert Wilson was touching to me. I am always sorry when children get frightened and suppressed by adults when their creativity can be so delightful if accepted and encouraged. I also think 'joint family' perserves the family as nothing else does. When I became disabled I always thought that government help, housing, etc, was cold, but when people have this in a country , they expect the government to do the caring, when it really only does the absolute minimum, but I got used to it, which at first was hard. Gerry

Rebecca said...

Little Miss She brings life to me in a way that I have not known for years....children are a treasure..they remind us about what life is really about

Crown of Beauty said...

This poem is so sad, but true. Every line says it so well. Like you I love the sound of children playing. Thank you for this post Amrita.


David said...

let the children come to me ( jesus)