Thursday, 18 June 2009

Good News

The central government is going to block the anti-conversion Bills that have been introduced by various BJP governments but the response is not uniform.
Home Minister P Chidambaram has decided to take a firm stand on the controversial anti-religious conversion Bill blocking Presidential assent. But the response is different for various state governments
So, in Rajasthan where the Congress is in power the Centre has asked the Ashok Gehlot government whether it plans to drop the Bill passed by the earlier BJP government.
In Madhya Pradesh where a BJP government is still in place, the Centre has decided to withhold assent.
Centre stops anti-conversion laws:
Rajasthan: Left it to Congress government to drop Bill
Madhya Pradesh: Rejected BJP government's Bill
Broadly the Bills provisions banned conversion by force or fraud or inducement and made it punishable. But all this, the Centre says violate the freedom of religion as laid down in the constitution.
"When I was CM in those 10 years there was no case for forcible conversion," said Digvijay Singh, former Chief Minister, Madhya Pradesh.
"This is unacceptable and goes against Supreme Court judgements," said Ravi Shankar Prasad, Leader, BJP.
The BJP-led states had proposed laws in response to the increase in conversions by Christian missionaries.
But ironically they weren't the only ones, the Congress had passed a similar law in Himachal Pradesh and Orissa too has one which was passed in 1967.
Indian Christians should rejoice at this move of the present newly elected government. This is an answer to prayer. The anti conversion bill curtails the basic fundamental rights of a person to change his/her religion and humiliates minorities. It was aimed to obstruct evangelistic work and harass Christian workers .
We will pray that this bill is shelved forever

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Sita said...

Amen, Amrita.

Tikno said...

Good progress

Felisol said...

I say amen and praise the Lord.
Things definitely have changed for the better for India from last autumn till now.
I am so happy for you.
From Felisol

Donetta said...

May it be shelved after it is burned and buried!

Saija said...

yes - i pray that india stays free to seek after God ...

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Praise the Lord for that positive development in India. All people must have that inalienable right to choose his faith without any interference from the government. As it is, most constitution in the world guarantees freedom of religion and expression. Let us all pray for the conversion of India. Thanks for the post. God bless you always.

Pia said...

God is at work. He will not let His people suffer unjustly for nothing. i believe that our prayers in faith as Christians can break the works of the devil. we have the authority by using the name of Jesus.

praise God for His goodness!

Debra said...

That is very good news, hopefully it will stay shelved till it is forgotton! As someone said above...Praise the Lord!

Gerry said...

Hmm, I have wondered how Christian missionaries are accepted in India and if any of the converted are discriminated against. I have not heard of any Mormon missionaries going to India, but they go to to a lot of other countries. My niece's son is learning mamdarin chinese for his mission in Taiwan which is what the Governor of Utah learned for his mission and has now been asked by President Obama to go on a good will mission where his mandarin chinese would be useful. Gerry