Friday, 12 June 2009

Rapped on the Fingers

I was rapped on the fingers by God last Sunday and I want to share
this"blessing" with you.
Our Pastor is away on vacation for 3 Sundays
and he told us that had arranged
Mr SJ to come and take our services.
I turned up my pseudo-intellectual nose
at the mention of that name.
Because in my estimate Mr SJ was a
poorly educated non sophisticated preacher
ministering to semi-literate and
dalit people.
I wondered what would he have to say to highly evolved
mind and spirit like mine.
So I trudged to church under spiritual duress
just to make a good impression on God and people.
But the Master put me into place (in a corner).
Mr SJ preached a simple but good message.
The music was lively.
And he asked us to write our
prayers requests and give them to him next
Sunday so he can have a
prayer group in Korea to pray for us
and contact us by phone too.
I was further put to shame for my
bad attitude when dear Mr SJ
gifted me George Verwer 's book Someone had given it to him and since
he doesn 't read English books, he passed it to me.

I started reading this book and have not been

able to put it down. The message is really

challenging and reviving me.

George Verwer is Founder and former International Director

of OM or Operation Mobilization which is a ministry of

evangelism,discipleship, training and church planting.

The book narrates and assesses how, in spite of the amazing mixture of victory and defeat, success and failure, joy and pain, peace and battles, happiness and brokenness, lives that are committed to Jesus can move forward.The content of the book reveals George Verwers knowledge of 50 years ministry.This is an exposition of the most revolutionary message of God in the latter half of 20th century and the present days.It motivates us to embrace the pain and hurt and allows them to make us better people for his glory



says the back cover.

Verwer says

- Our choice to walk with the Lord and to serve Him

will bring us good as well a unpleasant experiences.

- God answers prayers,but not all prayers will be answered

the way we want them.

- Victory is our privilege,but not all seeming defeats

can be erased from our history.

- Obstacles are sure to come into our lives, yet His

all sufficiency will help us

overcome them all.


The good news is that you can go to his website

and download this book free.

You can email George

and request free copies of a bunch of books

and he will send them to you anywhere in the world

and maybe in your own language too.

I wrote to him and he has directed his co-worker to send

me some of books.

I strongly recommend this for you.
God blessed me miraculously and I want

share this with you.

This is my nephew Ash
getting ready for skydiving

Hi Ash, you just became
our family hero.
First one in the clan
to jump off a plane!

24 Fertilize my soul:

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

Amrita, don't let Ash inspire you to go jumping off planes, too!!!

Well, my sophisticated friend, I had to laugh at your comeupppance at the church! "Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty attitude before a fall" -- I think that is in your Book? LOL...but Amrita, never lose sight of the fact that you are very sweet and good and hardly needed a rap on the knuckles -- I'm sure that you never deserve more than a light touch with a feather!

Gerry said...

The first commenter echoed my thought, that you hardly need a lot of rebuke because you are a kind person. I am glad you found another source of books you can enjoy. I feel so fortunate to have so many ways to find great books to read and even buy for they have so broadened my world I am used to it now and would suffer without them. Gerry

Felisol said...

Dear Amrita,
It is not easy when ancient culture collides with God.
He loves all equally.
Have I made similar prejudgments.
Oh, yes, just three weeks ago I went to the baptist church in our town. Outside stood a smiling youngster with a cap on his head and hipster dungarees.
I thought him to be one of the loose birds of the town, and it turned out he was the preacher.
A good one too.
Wow, did I have to a feeling of being not only old and outdated, but also shallow and judgmental.
God is great. he hasn't stopped teaching me.
From Felisol

Aphra said...

Thank you for sharing your story and the book link. Sounds good! Blessings!

Amrita said...

Truely friends God uses His methods to keep us on track.

You are right Penni, I was rapped with a feather, thank goodness it was not your flal.

I 've had experiences like that Felisol, where I judged the book by the cover. Do you have OM in Norway?

Thank you for sending me the books. I got them just today. I 've got a stack to read now. Hope your feet are not hurting you.

Hello Aphra, thank you for your visit. GV 's link is real good.

Annie K said...

Wow, I have to check out that book. I could use it for those times that I need an attitude adjustment.

That nephew is a brave young man!

Amrita said...

Hi Annie that 's what its doing to me. And I am sure you will recommend it to your friends.

Donetta said...

Your humility is really beautiful. :}

Kathryn said...

Such a precious reminder, Amrita. Thank you for sharing your blessing with us! I enjoyed un"wrapping" your gift. (Ha! Pun intended.) :-D

Sita said...

Mine is an ongoing lesson on 'attitude adjustment', I'm afraid...and here I thought I was a fast learner! So glad God is not like any earthly teacher I know...

I am very familiar with Verwer and my interest in missions as a child and teen, I remember dreaming of going on one of those ships, Logos or Doulos, I believe...and we did a study on one of his books..
anyway, thanks for the recom...
Love, Sita

madison said...

Thanks for the link for the book. I checked out a few of the pages in the book and it really does sound intresting.
I hope today was a good day for you.

Carol-Ann Allen said...

Har, Har, Amrita!
I can just see you trudgin' off to church with a frozen shoulder and coming home melted right down! Your thirst for intellectual challenge was not over-looked ... it just came from an unexpected gift! You penned a great ad! I shall download the book!

Amrita said...

Dear Donetta, I am a wretched sinner saved by grace and have to be kept on my toes by the Lord otherwise i would easily slip down the slope.

The pun 's great Kathryn.
I have two blog friends called Kathryn
Kathryn of Pure Wells and
Kathryn from CA.
Greeting to both of you

Hi Madison, hope you had a good birthday celebration after you came home from work.

Hi C_A,

I need a lot of wacking you know.
That book is really good. Has a lot to say about mission work. Its good for pastors and leaders too.

Julia Dutta said...

Thanks amrita. just wrote to him too:

Respected George Verwer,

I came across your book in Yesu garden - the beautiful blog my friend Amrita keeps on blogspot and am ever so thirsty for His Grace through your book - Drops From a Leaking tap in English.

I will be very grateful if you could send it to me in my India address, given below.

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

The worse thing that can happen to a Christian is to have an overblown and self righteous spirit. God corrects us every time we wander to this kind of attitude. As James 4:6b says, "God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble." Thanks for the inspired post. God bless you always.

Jo's-D-Eyes said...

Hi Amrita,
Its a joy to visit you (cahninging in colours) very nice blog, I am back too, Bye

Happy weekend from JoAnn/Holland

Sita said...

Hey Amrita,
Just went through a couple of chapters of the book...thanks so much for the referral...brought back so many memories..and truths that needs to be 'reheard'..
what a guy...I chuckled at some of his exploits...cheapest date I eve heard of...getting the picnic lunch from the garbage..ewww!..she must be a very special woman!
Love, Sita

Amrita said...

Hi Julia, I am glad you wrote to GV.

He is an exceptional guy. He will be 71 years on July 3rd.

I know Sita he is quite funny too.
I visited the newly opened OM bookshop this evening and bought a daily devotional by Joni Erickson Tada

Crown of Beauty said...

Thanks for sharing the book by George Verwer. I remember reading a book he wrote a very long time ago, about smuggling bibles... Thanks for the link too.

Yes, God does correct us gently... and sometimes not so gently...

Thank you for sharing!

Pia said...

ash is one brave soul. thanks, amrita, for the visit. God bless you always my dear.

Maria Stahl said...

Ooooooh Amrita I laughed so hard at your being put in the corner by the Lord! HOW MANY times this has happened to me, but I was never so good with the words to describe it. :o) Thank you for sharing!

David Edward said...

George Verwer is a great saint of God and a warrior for the truth

Robin said...

Sounds like you were greatly touched by this book, I hope to read it too as i have need of coming to accept the brokenness in my life. God is good in spite of it all.
You are a blessing Amrita:)

Glennis said...

Brave lad. I could never jump from a plane.