Saturday, 6 June 2009

Rain Relief

Flowers braving the summer heatspread cheer
sprinkling the withering garden with
splashes of color

I am not sure what the red flower is called
This morning we had a pre-monsoon
dust and rain storm
which brought down our temperature
and washed the dust off the vegetation.
Although it knocked out our electricity for the
whole day.We survived.
Thank you for praying for my mother
she did still better today.
I want to share a rain dance song from a Hindi movie.
It is a Bollywood fantasy.
The scenes are very picturesque.
The rural images authentic.
Catch a glimpse of India

The actress Ashwaria Rai is a former Miss World.

23 Fertilize my soul:

Julie said...

We finally got some much needed rain today. Glad your mother is feeling better. Loved the video

Rhapsody Phoenix said...

I like the red spike flowers. Glad your mother is doing better. Take care.

Brit. (lille meg) said...

Beautiful flowers!
It was good to see your mother is better now.
God bless!

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

I am not sure what those red flowers are, Amrita. It looks to me like some sort of allium. I bet that Julia, over on The Apron Goddesses, could tell us! She is a botanist!

Rural India is so beautiful!!! I would like Ms. Rai to come to Midland and sing her song and make it rain here, too. She is another beautiful flower of India!

Sita said...

Such a fun video, Amrita. I loved her in Bride and Prejudice.

Pray you and Mom get a sweet respite.
Love, Sita

Annette said...

what pretty flowers...I LOVE the rain and all we've had this past week is a tease of some, just enough to make the cars look dirty! I'm very happy that your mom is feeling better, we'll keep praying for her and you both.

Amrita said...

Hi friends,

This morning I got another red flower.Spike flower is a good name for it.

Rhapsody welcome to my blog.. I enjoyed visiting you and what you say about worry is absolutely true.

Gerry said...

Loved your talk about the relief of rain, but wonder if the monsoon is violent or dangerous for you. Our monsoon is usually welcome and not too dangerous. But I am sure this little pre monsoon shower was so refreshng. I think of your mother and hope she can fight her way out of her depression with not feeling well. Gerry

Amrita said...

Dear Gerry,Our monsoons are Ok. Its just that the roads get slushy, dirt and garbage abound in certain parts of the city. After heavy rain traffic gets distrupted due to street flooding. If the rain continues for a long time certain low lying areas of the city are submerged in water.
There is a n outbreak of diseases due to insanitary conditions. Well that is a grim picture isn 't it?

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

I pray for you and your mother that she continues to get well. It's nice that rain has come and has produced those beautiful flowers in your garden. Thanks for the post. God bless you always.

ChrisB said...

Your flowers are such pretty colours. I'm not very knowledgeable on names but the red one looks very similar to a purple allium that I have growing in my garden but I'm probably wrong.

LisaShaw said...

Absolutely beautiful photos.

I pray Amrita for God's divine intervention in all areas of your life and that of your family. Blessings and peace in Jesus Name.

Love ya.

Sincerity said...

I'm so happy to hear of the rain! What a relief that must have been! :)

The flowers in your garden are beautiful! Isn't it neat how God always provides beauty even in droughts, heat waves, and during our times of suffering?

The video was fun! I am not familiar with Bollywood or the musicals but I think I would like it. Ashwaria dances so exotically! I'm wondering how she can do it without getting a headache or hurting something! :)
Very pretty, thanks for sharing!

Saija said...

i'm glad you got some rain ... i love the flowers and the video is cool! :o)

speaking of cool - that's what it is here in the weather sense ... and raining ... this spring will go into the record books!

blessings on you!

monsoon dreams said...

hi dear,
glad that mom is better.i think the red flower is called april lily.not sure,though.this must be june lily ;-)

Terry said...

dear amrita,
i heard over at miss patty's that you want some rain.
i would send you some refreshing southern ontario rain if i could.
it seems that the whole of canada was blessed with rain yesterday.
saijs said that my beloved manitoba was getting lots of it too!

that red april lily is such a beautiful flower amrita!
speaking of red i best be getting at my ruby tuesday post...sometimes i get into a real lazy mood and instead of getting at the job, i fly around cyberspace saying hi to my blog friends, some of whom i have been sorely neglecting!
thanks so much amrita for never neglecting me and always visiting.
hug your mama for me and give that white sheba a pat on the terry

Felisol said...

Dear Amrita,
I am happy when you are happy.
God gives us sunshine and rain in various amounts.
I guess he knows what we need.
(I'd better tell him you need some electricity though.)
Hope you can make some quality Amrita time.
Your blogposts are sheer joy.
From Felisol

Pat said...

Love the photos of the beautiful flowers, but I have a question for you. That tree in your header picture is so pretty, do you know the name of it? I just love it!

Amrita said...

Dear friends, thank you for your prayers. God is good to us.

Thanks for helping me with thename of that flower.

The white lillies are also called African Lillies.

Pat the tree I have in my header is the neem tree. Don 't know its English name. Its a common tropical tree found everywhere in India.
It has great medicinal value in both modern and traditional medicine. Neem soap is excellent for skin care, even toothpaste, face packs and face washes are made with it.Itsa good cleanser, antiseptic and antioxidant.

Amrita said...

In rural India people use peeled tender and slender neem branches to clean teeth. During the month of Ramadan even Muslims use it, why I don 't know. Maybe it keep the mouth fresh during the food-less, water-less fast.The branches are only a few centimeters thick.

David Edward said...

i would think the fundamentalist Hindus do not like movies like this at all?

Amrita said...

The fundamentalists are opposed to westernization and modernity.
This is a movie. You don 't see village women dressed like that ...specially the blouse.

Amrita said...

The fundamentalists are opposed to westernization and modernity.
This is a movie. You don 't see village women dressed like that ...specially the blouse.