Tuesday, 23 June 2009

You Are Loved

Today is my mother 's 78th birthday.
Happy Birthday Mummy

At the Taj Mahal
with Papa and Anju
(those sun glasses retro style and in vogue now)
Mummy with her eldest grandchild

Amrita, Mahima,Mummy, Papa and Ashish
For breakfast I made scrambled eggs with onions and tomatoes
garnished with fresh cilantro (coriander)
I will make idlis (steamed rice cakes) for lunch
which we have with spiced dal (lentil soup)
For dinner I have planned
chicken sandwiches with mashed potatoes
and ice cream to end up with.
Mummy can 't have spicy or fried food
so I am making things she can eat.
All your sons (and daughters)will be taught by the Lord
and great will be your children 's peace.
Isa 54: 13 (NIV)
The Lord will... strengthen your frame.
You will be like a well watered garden
like a spring whose waters never fail
Isa 58: 11 (NIV)

28 Fertilize my soul:

Annette said...

your mother is a beautiful lady! Please tell her Happy Birthday for me, you are the sweetest daughter how blessed she is to have and you to have her!
I have something for you~ check it out on my blog, I just posted it!

Felisol said...

Dear Amrita,
I wish your mother a happy birthday.
She's looking so beautiful, dignified and strong on the pictures.
They are all special, but I think the one in front of Taj Mahal is the top.
How she must miss her husband these days.
She is lucky to have such a devoted daughter.
You're one in a million, you now, Amrita.
From Felisol

Buttercup said...

Happy birthday to your dear mother. Loved seeing the photos. You have a beautiful family. Wishes for a great celebration and for a very happy and healthy year ahead!

Paresh Palicha said...


Brit. (lille meg) said...

You have a beautiful mother, Amrita!
Happy birthday to her! She is lucky who has children who loves her.
My mother is 15 years older. Me and my siblings also loves our mother.
Have a nice birthday, and God bless!

monsoon dreams said...

my love to your mummy!!

Sita said...

A wonderful blessing for your Mom that even in her twilight years she may drink deeply of His love for her and live the rest of her life with dignity and honour. Already she has been blessed beyond words with a devoted daughter in Amrita.
Happy Birthday Mom!

Sherri Murphy said...

Please extend my Happy Birthday blessings to your beautiful mother, all the way from West Frankfort, Illinois, USA!
(She has raised a wonderful, loving daughter)

Kathryn said...

May God richly bless you & give you peace in your quest to so honor your mother. Blessings on you as well, this day dear.

madison said...

Happy birthday to your mother, sheis one year older than my mother.
It must be so hard for your mother not to be able to eat any spicy food, but hopefully she's feeling better.

Terry said...

dear amrita...what a tribute to your mama!
she is beautiful on the inside and the out.
i wish to her a very happy birthday.
all that food that you are making sounds so yummy!

amrita...may i add one scripture verse here?

this is a verse that mom golden has clung to for many years and here it is,

"Isaiah 60:4
Lift up thine eyes round about, and see: all they gather themselves together, they come to thee: thy sons shall come from far, and thy daughters shall be nursed at thy side."

happy blessed birthday mama....love bernie and terry

amrita, i went to google language..
is this right?

प्रिय अमृता ... जो अपनी माँ के लिए एक श्रद्धांजलि!
वह अंदर है और सुंदर है, बाहर.
मैं उसे एक बहुत खुश जन्मदिन करना चाहते हैं.
सब खाना है कि आप कर रहे हैं बहुत स्वादिष्ट लगता है!

अमृता ... मैं यहाँ एक धार्मिक ग्रंथ पद्य जोड़ सकते हैं?
clung करने के लिए है यह एक कविता है कि माँ सुनहरा है कई साल के लिए और यहाँ भी,

"यशायाह 60:4
तेरा आँखों को लिफ्ट के बारे में है, और देखने दौर: सभी वे साथ स्वयं को इकट्ठा, वे तुम्हें करने के लिए: तेरा बेटों से दूर है, और आ जाएगा तेरा बेटियों तेरा पक्ष में nursed किया जाएगा आते हैं. "

खुश धन्य जन्मदिन माँ .... प्यार बर्नी और टेरी

Annie K said...

Wow, I wish I was coming over for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Sounds delicious! And happy birthday Mummy - you are beautiful!

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

Happy Birthday Hazel!

May you have many more.


Amrita, your birthday meals sound just wonderful, who needs fried foods when they have such a good cook as you. I hope your mother is able to eat well and continue gaining strength, and I hope Namrita's health will also improve.

Amrita said...

I thank each an everyone of you from the bottom of my heart for all your lovely greeting. Mama thanks each one. We are so blessed to have friends like you.

Terry you did a wonderful job with the hindi. You must show me how to do it.

Pat said...

Happy Birthday to a beautiful, precious Mother! She is so lovely and I especially love the picture in front of the Taj Mahal. Is that very far from where you now live?
You are a most wonderful daughter, your Mother did a wonderful job!!

Terry said...

dear amrita...what you do is go to google and click on to language tools.
what i did then was just copied the comment i made to you and pasted it on the "translate text"
at the bottom of this window i put "english" to "hindi".
you can select any language you want amrita!
don't tell that felisol.
she thought i was so smart when i wrote her a comment in norwegian on her other blog!!
don't breath a word to her about this,eh?..."mums the word"...ha..
love terry

ha! amrita, here it is in norwegian!......

Kjære Amrita ... Hva en hyllest til min mor!
Hun er vakker innvendig og utvendig.
Jeg vil gjøre en veldig fornøyd med dagen.
All mat som du synes er veldig godt!

Amrita ... Jeg kan legge til en Skriften vers?
klamret til mor er et dikt som er gull i mange år og her er det,

"Jesaja 60:4
Løft dine øyne på og rundt for å se: alle de samle seg sammen, de for deg: dine sønner fra langt borte, og dine døtre skal nursed på din side vil være tilbake. "

Velsignet Mama Happy birthday .... Love Bernie og Terry

really fun, eh?
i think that i will try this with mel!

ChrisB said...

Happy Birthday to your mother. The menu for today sounds good. I'm sure she will have a wonderful day.

Carol-Ann Allen said...

Happy birthday to your Mama from the Allens in Toronto! I hope she had a lovely day! I KNOW the food was good!

Connie said...

Happy Happy Birthday to your mother.May she have many more!! I would love to see the Taj Mahal.
Bless you and your family.

Danielle&Hannah said...

:-) You are warmth of love for any mother!

Hope she has/had a great day!


Amrita said...

Hi Terry. mind if i talk to you in Japanese? Now that your secret is out.

Hi Pat, the Taj is an over-night 's journey from here by train that is. By road it would be 12 hours too....considering the heavy traffic on the hightway and bad roads too.

Carol Ann I loved the mouse story. It made me fall off my chair laughing. Sheeba packed her hunting gear immediately.

My Pastor and family are returning home after visiting family in another state. Their fridge wacked out when they were out, so I am going to make sure they have fresh bruch and cold water and ice cubes on the table ...also dog food otherwise they will have a bad,hot welcome home.

Debra said...

Sending your mother best wishes on her birthday!

Living day by day for Jesus said...

Hi Amrita! I am catching up on your blog..I am sorry it has been such a long time since I have read! Hope all is well!

Rebecca said...

Oooooo, a day late with the birthday wishes....
so maybe you could just keep celebrating!
Happy Birthday Week to your Mother!!

Saija said...

happy belated birthday to your mum!!!! she is also blessed to have a loving daughter!

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Happy Birthday to your mother. May she have many more blessed and abundant birthdays to come. May the Lord grant her complete healing and deliverance from all her sickness. Thanks for the post. God bless you always.

Deare Diary said...

Happy birthday to your Mom. Love the pictures with the cool sun glasses.

Sincerity said...

Happy birthday to your mother! Isn't it amazing how quickly life goes by? So many memories... and to think that God knows them all!

God bless you and your mother. I praise God for all he is doing in your lives.