Monday, 1 June 2009

House Call

This evening I called a leading physician
on a house call to see my mother
as her symptoms persisted.
I have consulted him before
and Mom had her hysterectomy in his
hospital.He is specially
good with geriatric care.
He diagnosed her with
the Irritable Bowl Syndrome.
That laid a lot of my anxiety and depression to rest.
As I was suffering from fear and trepidation
imagining the worst.
Thank you for praying for us.
This can be handled with
medicines, suitable diet and stress relief.
We just have to note the food items
which set off the IBS.
I will study it on the Internet too.
If anyone has had experience dealing with
it. Your advice will be appreciated.
On Saturday night we had a mighty rain and thunder
storm which knocked off our electricity for
14 hours. Not too bad.
It could have been worse.

9 Fertilize my soul:

Brit. (lille meg) said...

I hope your mother will get really help and be healthy again! I am sorry, I don't know about your mothers disease.
I will pray for you both.
God bless!

Julie said...

I have had IBS for years. Milk and certain foods will trigger it but sometimes I never know what will trigger it. Hope she gets to feeling better soon.

Felisol said...

Dear Amrita,
I'm so sorry for your mother and yourself.

Gunnar has been diagnosed with amonst others IBS for years. If you find a good cure, I'd like to know too.
Floor, milk, all the food he's alergic too.. I'd sooner like to know what's good for him. Trial and error.
One thing's for certain; stress is poison. Then again, various happenings may cause steess too.
I believe in Ayurveda medicine, different cure for different people.
Most of all I believe in God.
From Felisol

Gerry said...

I hope you are able to figure out what foods are causing the problem. I used to get an irritated digestive system on the weight watchers diet. Oh, today Doc and i watched two documentaries, with scenes filmed in India. One was on the sacred cow. I was amazed to see cows in the streets in big cities and it showed them being fed rotting and left over produce. We also watched won showing the 12 most dangerous predators in India and those snakes made me scream. I used to live on 'rattlesnake ranch' and got very nervous about poisonous snakes. Now I always think of my friend Amrita when I see scenes of India! Gerry

Louise said...

I too have IBS ... I find it worsens when I'm under stress as well as when I eat certain foods. Spicy, fatty foods trigger my symptoms so I try to stay away from them.

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

Amrita, my brothers had this, and Ensure would set it off. Anything that was very sugary would also set it off. Also, getting up from a nap too soon would cause it. Milk caused it because they were lactose-intolerant, but yogurt was okay for them. Things we think of as good for us would cause it, such as raw foods like raw salads. They did okay with proteins like meats, and salty and oily items, strangely enough. I can tell you one thing, once you get it settled down, it stays settled better. But each episode seems to set off the next more easily. I am so glad it was not something really bad, although IBS is very unpleasant and lowers quality of life, certainly.

Annette said...

I have IBS, sometimes I can eat and be o.k. and other times I can't, but I am finding out though, that eating small meals through out the day has been some what better, but if I don't eat breakfast and go out to lunch, O BOY!! I'm in trouble, it's horrible, but there are other things that resemble IBS but it isn't IBS, my medicine the doctor gave me isn't working, so I'm going back to him, and having do blood test...I HATE it! now milk products don't bother me, but might someone else, everyone's is different, it's a play as you eat game. I hope she gets to feeling better, it's draining on a person, mentally as well. Just pray about it and God will lead you to the right answers.

Kathryn said...

I'm glad you have an answer that helps you understand & not worry!

I don't have IBS but i do have food sensitivities. Gluten (wheat, rye, barley) is the main one for me. From what is being said here it may be trial & error for a while until you are able to determine the items causing the problem.

I would agree with the person who said that once you've removed these items from the diet, you become more sensitive to them in the future. It is almost as if your body fights it when you are eating it, but when you stop eating the offending item, your body says, "Whew! I'm soooo glad that's gone!" Then if you eat the item again your body is so offended that it really reacts.

Ok, i've a feeling the grammar in that last paragraph was atrocious.

Anyway, you continue to be in my prayers & i hope your mom (& you!) get relief soon. :)

Sherri Murphy said...

IBS is very common here, and very painful, bless her heart. I think your readers have given you the best advice.