Saturday, 27 June 2009

Its Comin '

It is raining in some parts of western, central and east coast of India.
Elijah 's cloud as small as a man 's hand is growing larger.

Enough of the hot pestilential
glare of the sun

In the evening the sky became grey
and the air ached for the thunderstorm
which did not come.

A cool refreshing breeze tickled us ,
the precursor of precipitation.
I took these pictures of the trees waving up
at the heavens.
Trying to catch the attention of the
vapors above
Let me show you this short video of an early morning dust storm

taken in the first week of June.
Abner is playing outdoors.

As the deer pants for streams of water, so my soul pants for you, O God.Psalm 42:1-3 (Bible)

21 Fertilize my soul:

Roo said...

sooooo true! we are also enjoying a rainy day....i find it so comforting....

shalom dear friend!

Sherri Murphy said...

Well written and great photos! I hope you get the needed rain.

Pat said...

my husband and I are praying for that life quenching rain from Heaven. We have heard on the news of the weather in India, and we know of the need, praying those clouds open up soon!

Buttercup said...

Today is the first day of all sun after almost 3 weeks of rain. I hope our rain is traveling to you.

Mark said...

We just had our first tropical storm of the season a week ago. It wiped out all the oyster farmers' crops, including those of a friend of mine. Anyway, I also pray for a redistribution of some of the rain to your area....

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

Come on, monsoons!

What a neat video, Amrita! You are so clever at the Internet. I love your yard!

Felisol said...

dear amrita,
they even showed this on norwegian tv, so we know how important and valuable the monsoon is to you.
be blessed this sunday you and your household.
from felisol

Jo's-D-Eyes said...

Hi Amrita,
A refreshing (rain)wish and hoping that you will have a happy weekend, Here in Holland its hot too. With love from your blogfriend,

JoAnn Holland

Crown of Beauty said...

It's been stormy here the past week, hope and pray that the rains will come to India soon and will not delay any further.

Thanks for sharing the video of the dust storm. Were you standing outside to take the video?

I hope to see pictures of rain in your next post. Will be praying.


Annette said...

is this your yard? and is that a picture of your church? I love it, it's going to be HOT here AGAIN! like 110! how do you survive? that little boy in the video, he's way too cute! Thank you for sharing and stay cool, any rain yet? that was a great article too. May our Lord bless you with rain!

Mrs. Mac said...

Dear Amrita,
May the Lord of Heaven and Earth give quench to your beloved land of India. May he also stir the peoples hearts to cling to Him for their every need. Hugs from across the land and ocean. I have so much catching up to do with dear friends around the globe. I pray for your strength and peace and rest in caring for your mom.

Tikno said...

Nice photograph and video. Thank you for sharing of what around you.

Yes, Ely is my daughter.

Saija said...

i would have so gladly shared some of the water we got over the weekend - quite the deluge, and not necessarily needed either! odd weather we are all having ...

your little video was wonderful ... i should try to do one during a january snow storm ...

hope the heavens open and the rains fall - soon ...

blessings on your week!

Gerry said...

I am hoping your rains will come. I am reading The Great Railway Bazaar by Paul Theroux written in 1975 about his tour of India on trains, and I know I would not have started it without reading your blog. And it is very rich in descriptions of India and her cities as they were then. We have just been to Calcutta where he desribes every possible contraption of transportation there could be including rickshaws. He also describes the eerie silence in Ceylon when thousands of inhabitants wrapped themselves in blankets and laid down to sleep on sidewalks, and soon were making no sound! He describes the food, the smells, the railroads. I love this man's travel books. This is priceless. Gerry

Julia Dutta said...

The video made it very real Amrita. in Bhopal where I am at this moment, the rains have lashed us too. Storms have beaten the earth and air and now, the rains are coming gently but surely:))))

Pia said...

thank you amrita. i know God is still in control even if my boat is being rocked sometimes. i will head over biblegateway to read the verse you gave me. thank you, amrita. God bless you.

Annie K said...

After several weeks of rain we are finally getting some much needed sun...and my garden is growing!

I will send all of our rain your way. ;)

Amrita said...

Thank you friends for sending me rain-wishes and sweet thoughts.
The temperature has dropped a few degrees, its like 38*C (upper 90s). Its raining in the state east of us, so we are on the waiting list.

Today we got our govt. water one hour late. (It only come for a few hours morning / evening).

Gerry , I have read The Grand Trunk Road, by Paul Theroux and some of his other books. I like him. India has changed and conditions have improved vastly since 1975 but some of the sights , sounds and smells would be the same.I somehow found read The Grand Trunk Road that Theroux kind of mocked India. That i did not like.

Have you read City of Joy?
Read book on India by BBC corresspondent Mark Tully. He is good. Unfortunately I have not read any of his books.

The voltage is so slow my computer turns off. My power supply , a contraption called UPS is 6 years old. So I wait for the voltage to correct itself then get online.

Hi Lidj, its mu nephew in the video.

Pia said...

the testimony of your younger sister having passed this valley as well gives me inspiration and hope that God does heal troubled and seemingly dead marriages. the fact that her marriage was saved is better done nothing at all. i believe God will work on them to put their marriage standing on the solid rock of Jesus Christ. thank you for praying. i love testimonies like that. God bless you, amrita.

monsoon dreams said...

here it's raining now.but nothing compared to the actual monsoon .hmm...may be next year it'll be worse than this.hope u r doing fine,dear.

Terry said...

dear amrita...this must be the post that you were talking about that took you so long to make.
well, i really believe it was well worth all of your work amrita.
that little guy sure is enjoying the wind!
amrita, would he be getting lots if dust into his eyes?
i think that part would scare me but as far as the wind, i have always loved it,
usually march is the season for it here but we got very little of it this year.
this year, it seems all of the seasons were mixed up!
we are getting the april showers now.
ha! maybe by middle july we will be getting more flower!!
you are really doing well with your little videos! terry