Friday, 5 June 2009

Just to Cheer Up

In this heat and humidity
we all felt like the above .
My Mom ate better today.
Thank you for your prayers.

As her mood goes up and down
I feel like a jumping yo-yo
or a mechanical chicken.
At times a herd of rhinos seem to be trampling me emotionally.
And then when peace returns
I feel like a contented clockwork chicken.
The cooler pump finally burnt out.
Tomorrow I will buy a new one
and get a man to install it.
The only stable thing in my life
is my trust and belief in God.
"The Lord is close to the broken hearted
and saves those who are crushed in spirit"
Psalm 34:18 (NIV)

To spread cheer I am posting photos
of Indian jewellery.
Many of my blog friends like Dame Penni and Donetta
make beautiful jewellery.

Like most Indian women I am fond of jewellery.
All these photos are from the web.
None of this expensive stuff is mine.LOL

One can buy very cheap fashion jewellery from
roadside stalls and markets.

Or very expensive stuff from high end shops.
The tribal connection
Bead work

Bridal jewellery consists of gold and jewels.
It is matter of pride and status to own
a bit of gold jewellery.
People buy gold according
to their financial standing.
It is an investment too.
And a great cultural necessity.
24 years ago I was visiting my
newly married sister Anjali in
the South Indian city of Coimbatore.
We were invited to the wedding of their
rich landlord 's daughter
(very conservative Hindus
whose dog too was a pure vegetarian)
At the wedding ceremony they gave us
special attention as we were from North India.
We were taken to the bridal chamber,
where she was seated with a whole host of ladies.
She was dressed in a very expensive red and gold silk sari
and laden with heavy gold jewellery.
I just could not believe the ornaments were made of real gold.
I had only seen tradition dancers wear that kind
of artificial jewellery on TV or in the movies.
Like doubting Thomas I could not help myself
and asked a lady to tell me if all that gold was real -solid.
The lady burst out laughing and told us the weight
of the items in pounds or kilogrammes.
The word about my naive question
got around and everyone
had a good laugh.

13 Fertilize my soul:

Gerry said...

A wealth of lovely jewelry which I rare buy, even though thrift stores have it as well as the Farmer's Market across the street and many other places. I might buy a souvenir piece when I travel. I am glad you are finding something to cheer you a little. I find that is necessary when I am low. I am cooking a pot of beans and am going to eat some hummus for lunch. Pure vegetarian. Does that mean no meat, fish or dairy as it does here? This what I try to adhere to. I feel much better. This diet really is easier on the digestive system than all the dairy I used to eat. Yesterday I had Japanese, tofu and vegetables and rice. It was divine. Doc bought me lunch. Gerry

Buttercup said...

Glad your mother is feeling a little better. Today we have very unseasonably cold rain and I didn't dress for it at all. Will wear a heavier coat and another layer when I go out later.
Thanks for the jewelry display. I was in India, mostly Rajahstan four years ago and had a wonderful time, including looking at the beautiful jewelray. Have some lovely amethyst earring I often wear to remind me of my visit.

Felisol said...

Dear Amrita,
Glad you have the internet for relaxation.
I think it must be extremely hard for you if you must swing up and down to keep pace with your mother.
You need to swing in your own rhythm.
There's a time for everything. Your mother has got her time, time of motherhood, time of studyin and making a carrier.
Now she is in her fall, whilst you are younger than I am.
Please allow yourself to be Amrita, even though you are a caretaker of your mother as well.
You don't love her less, even thoough you allow yourself to be a person of your own as well.
You have made lots of friends on the internet, people who respect you highly.
You are accompanied by our Lord, who loves you for your own sake.
Be at peace, my friend.
May God grant you strength and wisdom.
From Felisol

madison said...

You post pics of jewelery when you are feeling low and I shop, lol.
Your bible verse described pretty much about how I feel lately. I absolutely love Indian jewelery. I have a pair of solid gold earrings, but I don't wear them much because of the weight. I do prefer the cheaper gold because it's stronger for everyday wear. Hubby doesn't seem to agree though.
Hope your tomorrow is better and cooler.

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Hi Amrita,
I commiserate with your present troubles but I admire you more for your steadfast loyalty and trust in the Lord. Indeed nothing can ever separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord. I will continue to pray for you and your mother. Those pieces of jewelry especially the gold ones are really superb. These jewelries surely augment the beauty of their wearer. Thanks for the post. God bless you always.

Jeanette said...

I'm glad your mother is feeling better, Amrita. I know the up and down part is hard on you. I love the way you cheer yourself and all of us up, though, with all the beautiful jewelry and your funny story!

Sita said...

Dear Sister,
I feel your struggle and I want you to know that He will never leave you or forsake you.
"Father, please uphold Amrita and her Mom. Give Amrita the peace You promised to those who release heavy burdens to You. Strengthen her inner being. In the Name of Jesus, I pray, Amen."

Crown of Beauty said...

I was happy to know you mom is better, Amrita.

I have prayed for her... but also more for you, and it is true what you wrote, the only secure foundation we have is the Lord. We hold on to the Lord alone, He is our secure anchor.

You are a stable person, and I pray God will continue to hold you close to His heart.

Thanks for sharing about the jewelry. I know Indian jewelry is beautiful and intricate! We saw a lot of them in Thailand, shops owned by Indians...with diamonds and other multicolored precious gems but all so very expensive.

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

What gorgeous jewelry, my dear! I would walk around in India with my eyes like silver dollars, staring at all the lovely beadwork and metal crafting. My efforts in jewelry-making seem rather puny now!

I like your hilarious question about the gold -- can you believe how the rich just drip with expensive things?

I am glad your mother is eating a bit better. But how are YOU eating? I am surprised you have not gotten an ulcer from all the stress. Up-Down, Up-Down, of course we cannot help it, our moods are tied to the health and lives of our loved ones.

I hope the swamp cooler pump can be installed quickly and that the humidity will lessen so that it can work to cool your house down.

Amrita said...

Hi Gerrym pure vegetarian would mean no meat and eggs. Other dairy products are permitted.

Dear Penni you ear rings are very pretty. I know you would really enjoy the Indian jewellery shops.

Amrita said...

Thank you for your prayers friends. The spirit of heaviness is lifting from my mother.

Amrita said...

Hi Buttercup. so happy to hear you have been to Rajathan. The art workand jewellery from that state is world famous.

My dear Felisol, I place great value in your wise counsel. What you say is true. I just tend to over-do things and take too much resposibility on myself and almost live my mom 's life for her. I have to learn to let go too, there is this much I can do and no more. Thank you Felisol.

Hi Penni a guy fixed a newe pump yesterday and it is working well. Great relief.With Sonia for company I ameating , when she goes away tomorrow morning I will switch over to my mom 'd gerriatric diet U suppose. Good to lose weight.

Hi Lidj,
We Asians are so fond to jewellery. Each country has its unique creation.

Sita thank you for your prayers. Have a good Lord 's Day.

Hello Jeanette, you are also a caregiver and you understand the pressures. Thankyou

Michelle said...

Thanks for posting the jewelry photos. I love jewelry design. I like the pendants......