Wednesday, 2 May 2007

24 hr supply

These days because of election time we are getting a 24 hr. supply of electricity. Otherwise we have a 21 to 20 hr supply if there are no breakdowns.Friends in the West will be shocked to read this I know.

India is a huge populous country and power generation does not match up with the demand, specially in North India where I live. Everybody who can afford it keeps a battery run or gas (petrol) powered generator hooked up to their mains. We have a battery run one.

The rural areas are the worst hit. The farmers get enough to run their well pumps etc. There is very little domestic supply.People are going in for alternative means of generating electricity like solar units and waste recycling.

In India the east has met the west.You will see the rich man 's mansion and Lazarus lying at the gate.Cyber cities and illiteracy exist side by side.There are fashion designer competing with their western counterparts and people who don 't have enough clothes to hide their shopping malls and children scrounging around in the garbage looking for a morsel to eat.

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Ruth said...

BEAUTIFUL PICTURE!!! I love it. :)
Your sister lives in NB....quite a long way from where i live. i heard it is very pretty where she lives though.

Rebecca said...

Don't you hate it when things happen just because an election is coming....what nonsense...but that (sadly) is the world we live in. Today we have local elections, and I am going to vote for those who promise (Ha Ha) to clean up the rubbish on the streets...and there is a lot of it!