Monday, 21 May 2007

O give me a home where the buffalo roam and the power supply won 't leave me alone

I tried so hard to write this post.

I had just stated writing when Pastor S came to discuss church affairs just as he was leaving the lights went out. Our power supply is very erratic.There are about 170 million people living in my state of Uttar Pradesh and only 35% have electric supply out of which only 6% have regular supply. We are among the fortunate ones. Sometimes I feel I am trying to run my computer in the Stone Age.We have become slaves of technology and that has messed up our lives.Apart from the power playing truant the voltage is so low that I can 't run my PC at times. India is a fast developing country but the infrastructure cannot keep up with the increasing population.We have the latest technology and expertise and resources but still we can 't cope.
It was a heat stroke that I had. Survived on a porridge of rice and pulses called kichrie, boiled potato and homemade plain yogurt.Have to re-hydrate myself.Thank you my friends for praying for me and sending me your good wishes.Oh Ruth I would love your chicken soup.
Pastor S went to see the lawyers. Our opponents have put in false statements , just plain lies.This morning Mama and I searched church records for important documents to support our case. We found plenty.Have to retrieve some from the state court. Please pray for all this . Our opponents are like Goliath and we are like puny skinny David. I feel like Esther before Haman. I ask God to give me the spirit of Esther.
Tomorrow I will go with Pas. S to see the lawyers to discuss the case.
This is the Lord 's battle and He will make us victorious.
I am posting a picture of me with my parents in our living room. This was taken 3 years ago just before my Dad passed away.

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Janet Jeyapaul said...

That is a beautiful pic of Uncle and Aunty and yourself. I still remember Uncle and his beautiful smile full of joy and happinness. He is in a much better place now while we sweat it out !!He must be laughing at all our petty problems. He was a great man - a perfect model for all christians. He had goodness to the nth degree. Love JJ