Saturday, 26 May 2007

Gotta Beat the Heat

My neice Mahima sitting on a rickshaw with Sheeba.Mims goes to High School in Bathhurst, New Brunswick, Canada.She came to India last summer with her mom and brother for a holiday.There is a rickshaw driver, but he is not in the picture.

Its very hot here and Mom tried to cool off by applying a simple henna paste on her head and the soles of her feet.I have taken pictures...will take time to get them ready.

Pray for Monday May 28th.I have to go to court.We will ask the judge to give us some time to get ready. In any case the court will close for a month during June for summer vacation. Pray for Judge Rai (as in rye).

Pray that I may be protected from the intense heat, as I step out. I will take a rickshaw and carry water with me. People put an onion in their pockets to protect them from the heat. Don 't know how scientific that is but it works, and I have not tried it. The Lord is the strength of my life, as the Word says.

We are having church in the evening. Pas. S is on vacation and the visiting preacher is available in the evening.We will meet in our living room as we have a battery operated generator which the church does not have.

Seems everyone is going on a vacation so to keep up with that I am re-reading Erma Bombeck 's book - Its time to go home when you start to look like the photograph on your passport. Its really funny. I last time i went on a holiday was with my American friend Elsie for 3 days in the Himalayas in Nov. 2000.

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Pat said...

It sounds like the heat is very oppressing - I wonder how or why an onion in your pocket would help? Very interesting.
I have read all of Erma Bombecks books, she was one of my favorite authors. She had a lot of wisdom, I really miss her writing since she has passed on. If I really look like my passport picture - we're all in trouble!!

Rebecca said...

Last vacation in 2000? Well, I am going to pray for a "surprise holiday" for you, as it seems to me like that would be special. I have never heard of putting henna on your head or on the bottom of your feet to protect you from the heat...but then, I have not heard about a lot of things....always more to learn and understand!!

Janet Jeyapaul said...

Dear Amrita,
Mims is looking a lot like you - both of you make a pretty picture -- she was quite a traffic stopper when she was here in Chennai with her flouncy skirt, straw hat and dark glasses.Love JJ

pai said...

Love the new look for your blog!

Keep cool when you can! Florida gets pretty hot too, but probably not as hot at India. :)

inspired said...

Hello there
and thank you so very much for your visit and comment on the bananas very good .. hope you can keep kool in the heat ..

Roo said...

i like your new blog look amrita!! :)

thinking about you today...