Saturday, 19 May 2007

Reporting sick

Its been very hot since the last 2 days and I 've caught the bug from somewhere. So I 'm down with fever, tummy and body ache and cough. I am allergic to fluctuating temperature. I 've got this rare syndrome (rare makes me feel important-I wouldn 't go in the more common ones) which has affected my sight, hearing, sinuses, auto immune system (arthritis) etc.The Lord has given me tremendous healing and grace. There was a time I had forgotten how to walk.
I am reading a devotional called 'Strong at the broken Places ' by Selwyn Hughes.He writes about 'using ' our problems and trials for the glory of God.One thing I have learnt to discard in my life is self pity.That is the greatest enemy of our souls.

5 Fertilize my soul:

Nancy said...

Praying that you will feel better quickly, and may you feel the nearness of Jesus everyday.

Rebecca said...

I used to ask the Lord why everything did not get healed the way I would like it to. When I was young I lifed beside the Rift Valley, which legend tells us was formed when Christ was crucified....the earthquake etc. Within that valley are places of great beauty - which would not be visible to us today if that heartache had not occured. The Lord just dropped into my heart that there were also things of beauty in my life that would not have been visible if there had not been some earthquakes, some hardships...some things that I would have loved to be completely healed...all that said, I am sorry you are ill but remember - even with the other more permanent struggles taht you have....there is beauty in the rift!!!

John Cowart said...

Sorry you're down; hope you spring back soon.

Rebecca said...

Are you feeling better yet?

Roo said...

if i was near i would make you some homemade chicken noodle soup. my mama always said that was a remedy for whatever ails you.

shalom and love,