Monday, 7 May 2007

Heavenly 911

I went to court today and stood right next to our lawyer as he very forcefully pleaded our case. A rep. from our opponent 's side came and he wanted to know who I was , he knew my father.The judge fined them (Rs 200) for not presenting themselves in court on earlier occasions and very firmly told them to submit their proof papers today. Our next hearing is on May 28th.We were rather disappointed that our case was not wrapped up today, there are all sorts of legal loopholes in our judicial system as anywhere in the world. But at least they were penalized.
On May 28th I will have to go to court alone as Pastor Shaylendra will be away on vacation.
We are disappointed but not discouraged.

Later on in the evening our cleaning helper A-shok was sweeping under our window cooler (I tried to describe it in an earlier post Apr.22nd ) and nearly got electrocuted as the wiring in the cooler was faulty and we didn 't know it.
If the Lord had not protected him (he believes in Jesus) he would have instantly died. We all were in such shock and badly shaken up. I gave him money and sent him to a doctor. He is feeling better now and needs to rest.God 's protection is round about us Ps 91
I tremble and feel faint when I think what would have happened if A-shok had lost his life. How gracious God is.

3 Fertilize my soul:

Ruth said...

thanks for the update. i am praying for you and your community -- that the truth would be made clear. shalom to your heart. xo

Rebecca said...

So I pray for you as you will have to stand alone...but really we never stand alone...all of us here in blogworld are thinking and praying for you, and of course God is right inside of you and beside you in all that He asks you to do....accolades I know, but the truth.

Arlene said...

God bless you! We will continue to keep praying and we know that God is the mediator and will be right beside you throughout all of this. We expect to hear of the victory in the situation! Psalms 91 is a wonderful Chapter in the Bible.