Sunday, 6 May 2007

Sunday blessings

Early Sunday morning 3am. we had a heavy rainstorm with thunder and lightening. Cooled down quite a bit. And I didn 't have to water the garden
Pastor Shaylendra shared how blessed he has been since he joined our church 2 years ago. He means of transport had been a bicycle and he had been wanting to buy a motorcycle. His father who had disowned him when he became a Christian and had no contact with him for the past 17 years sent him 2/3rds of the money to buy a bike.

Pastor S belongs to a Hindu family of royal priests, and his becoming a Christian brought great shame to the conservative Brahman family. He was turned out of the house without a stitch, they even took away his clothes, he borrowed clothes from his brother-in-law.

He struggled a lot, went to Bible College and joined Christian ministry.His wife died leaving an infant daughter, who had been living with her maternal grandparents until recently. Milka is 7 years old.Shaylendra re-married 2 yrs. back. They make a great couple and he has his daughter with him now.His estranged father and brother are communicating with him again. They visited him.Apart from pastoring our church, S is the assistant coordinator of the long distance Bible courses dept. at the Allahabad Bible Seminary, which is a reputed Bible College of Asia. That keeps him pretty busy.I will try to post a picture of their family in a later post.

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