Thursday, 3 May 2007


I have two sisters, I am the middle one. My Papa died 3 years ago at 75. he lived a Christian life and served the Lord well. My Mom a retired teacher will be 76 in June "07.

Both my sisters are Christians and their families too.
Older sister Anjali and husband Prem have two children Ashish (21) and Mahima (14) (pronounced Maheema). They live in New Brunswick, Canada where they migrated 5 years ago having lived in Nigeria for 17 yrs. Prem is a textile engineer and Anjali, a homemaker and sub. school teacher.In Nigeria she ran her own pre-school which was very popular amongst the ex-pats.

Younger sister, Namrita is a teacher and her husband Sengrak is a Commerce professor. They live in North East India close to the Bangladesh border (very far from here). they have 2 sons Mishael (10 and Rayguel (6).

I have another sister whom my parents rescued and adopted as a small kid. She was abandoned by her parents and was working as a domestic help with people who were not treating her well. Our tailor told us about her and my parents took her in. She grew up with us and became a part of our family.Her name is Sonia. She is married , has a 5 yr old son called Abner, who is like an unguided missile.Her husband Avinash is a computer programmer in the Lucknow University, where they live. Sonia is a SAHM. She is an excellent cook.
Let me add that most of my close relatives are dedicated Christians.Thought I 'd introduce everybody. I 'll be posting pictures. I 'm just having trouble operating my scanner. I 'm not very computer savvy you know.

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Roo said...

LOVE YOUR POSTS AMRITA! great! so fun to learn more about you and your beautiful family.


Rebecca said...

Oh, I love that expression you used - an unguided missile!!!! that is too funny!

John Cowart said...

It's good to learn a little more about your family.

Expect to hear from Helen soon about the photo problem.

Becky Wolfe said...

What a blessing to have such a godly family! I'm enjoying your blog. I found it off the CWO blog ring!