Saturday, 5 May 2007

Vegetable shopping

This my niece Mahima buying vegetables from our Christian vegetable man, last June in front of our house, Sheeba is at the door.Vegetable vendors go house to house with their produce on a cart.

I went to the market today and bought chicken, fish,and veggies - tomatoes, cucumbers, collards,parwal, bitter gourd and melons. Our garden is giving us okra, aubergine (few now) & snake gourd.Beans and spinach are not at the yielding stage. Tomatoes are ending.We harvested our onions and garlic.

I got a huge bunch of bananas. So I gave away lots and made stir fry, fritters and bread too. I have papayas and lemons our mangoes are green still.

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Rebecca said...

that reminds me of when I was a girl growing up in Kenya. We had a man who came around on a bicycle with baskets on the back full of fuit and was always quite the event.