Tuesday, 15 May 2007

Henna Hair Treatment

My hair needs conditioning and colouring so I have prepared henna paste and will apply it to my hair tomorrow morning.
For this you need to buy a packet of henna powder , it has various herbs mixed in it already. There are a variety of brands available. To start off you boil some tea leaves and coffee ( I add powdered tobacco) in water and cool it.Then add the henna powder, white of an egg and some lemon juice to the mixture and stir it well. It should make a thick gooey paste.Leave it overnight to mature. For extra effect people put this mix in an iron pot. I had an iron frying pan for this purpose but gave it away so I 'm using a steel bowl.
The next day you can apply this paste to your hair with a brush ( it stains the hands) just like hair colour and leave it on for three hours at least.The minimum time should be one hour.
After that rinse off the henna. Do not shampoo.Some women oil their hair to keep it soft, like I do. You can shampoo your hair on the second day.
So how about it ladies are you ready for the plunge?
My friend John Cowart www.cowart.info/blog/ has tagged me for a meme and I will comply, but i don 't know how to add links to my posts.You people out there are so clever at all this .Can someone tell me how to add links.
Some days I may not be able to blog due to electricity cuts, my battery last only for 5 minutes.Its very frustrating.

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Rebecca said...

Goodness, that is quite the procedure just to colour your hair. It was sure interesting and fun to read about. I just pop down to the Salon and let the hairdresser work his wonders. Life is so much more simple for us and I guess this means we should be a lot more thankful than we are! Mind you, if I lived in your area, I would be willing to give your method a try!!! What fun that would be.

Becky Wolfe said...

Henna treatment sounds much healthier for your hair than all the chemicals that we use. My good friend does my hair & she tries to use wax & water based dyes that are less damaging, even though they don't last as long! Have a happy hair dye day tomorrow.

I have also tagged you on my blog for a meme. If you have time for one more. Its just a simple one if you feel like it. Check my blog for the instructions!

Roo said...

amrita! i am enjoying your blog and how you share about how your life is in india. happy hennaing! :)

Nancy said...

I must agree with Rebecca on this one Amrita. Rebecca and I have 'bleach' history, (many, many, many years ago) and I think she looked great and gorgeous as a blonde! Today though, I am the only blonde left and am glad it comes much easier to apply than henna.
In the 70's I used packaged henna, and displayed the 'fragrant ??' green paste to my family amidst gales of laughter.
Even then it was still not as complicated as your procedure. It is good to learn of your ways. I so enjoy your blog.

Curious Servant said...

To make a link in your posts all you need do is

1. copy the address that you wish to link to...

2. highlight the section that you want to act as a link...

3. click the little icon that looks like a chain link over an image of the world...

4. paste the address you copied earlier.

Ta da!