Monday, 14 May 2007

Mothers Inc.

Soonita Pawar

Dorothy and John Aalderks

Hazel Norma

Happy Mother 's day to all Moms reading.You are pro-creators specially assigned the job by the Master Creator.

We celebrated by having our Pastor 's family over for dinner. I made spicy chicken curry, rice pulao,potato and pepper stir fry, cucumber salad with yogurt dressing, bread (Indian chapatti) and cake.

I 've been down with flu these past few days but I 'm creeping along.

Here is a picture of my Mummy when she was 26 yrs. old. She is dressed up as a nautch girl.

For the past 32 years Dorothy Marcus Aalderks of Minnesota has been my penpal, mentor and Mom. I have never met her face to face. We write to each other regularly (snail mail, and now I send emails to her daughter who passes them on to her). We 've occasionally talked on the phone. She is 80 years old. A wonderful Christian woman who has made a world of a difference to my life.I want to meet her personally, but I don 't know how.

Let me tell about another mother who lives in the mid western part of India (near Bombay or Mumbai)

She is Soonita Pawar, 27 years old from Palus (Maharashtra state).

Soonita is HIV positive , her children are not.Husband, a truck driver died three years ago. She runs a tailoring business to support her two children and parents. Soonita says; ' I never cry because it upsets my daughter. I will laugh at this illness. I am stronger than this silly virus. I have to support my children till they can earn. '
Friends I don 't know know how to sequence my photos , please excuse me.
Update on the persecuted Pastors
They are recovering well. People of all religions have come forward to support them. The Dean of our Bible College went to Jaipur to meet Pastor Walter Masih. They called a press conference. I don 't know the details of that meeting.

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Rebecca said...

I am sorry to hear that you have been ill....I hope the flu goes away as quickly as it came, although with that meal that you cooked for your pastor and his wife sounds so good that you must really be on the mend! It is wonderful that you have had this pen pal mentor in the US....and what courage the other young mother you speak of seems to have....

Anonymous said...

The picture of your mum is beautiful - I think you look just like her. :)

Thank you for the mother's day wishes!


Becky Wolfe said...

Ohh, that dinner sounds delicious. I love all the flavours of India though I don't try it very often. Chapatti. mmmm! I'm so hungry!

I hope you are feeling better after your bout with the flu.

How nice of you to have this 'adoptive' mother. She sounds like she has been a true blessing in your life!

And prayers & praise for the attitude of Soonita. Her children will rise & call her blessed.

PS, all the photos you upload do go to the top but you can click on them and drag them down to the spots you want them to be in your text!

Roo said...

hi my friend. shalom and love,
enjoyed this post. xo