Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Sunday blessings

We had a lovely church service on Sunday evening in our living room. Mr. Jacob, a village preacher and his wife came. He shared how his suburban/village church is growing.They meet in a school building leased free of cost by a Hindu man.People of deprived and poor social backgrounds come to the church not expecting any financial help.A young mother who was suffering from cancer died recently and her last wish was to be given a Christian funeral.
We all shared our blessings and prayer requests and Mr. Jacob preached from the book of Acts.After service I served orange Cool Aid and rice poppadoms.
Later on Mama and I watched Pentecost Global day of prayer coverage on God TV.The live broadcast from London 's East end Stadium was a real blessing. I loved the part where people of various nationalities prayed in their native languages. I recognized 2 spoken in India. ..Urdu and Tamil. An Asian band sang a lovely praise song in Hindi.

I went to the district court on Monday. Everything went well by God 's grace. We filed our reply to our rival 's evidence and got July 30th as our next hearing date. Thank you for praying for us. God protected me from the blazing sun, I paid the rickshaw drivers extra as I felt so bad for them having to work in the heat.
During the months of May and June and very hot wind called the loo blows all over the gangetic plains of North India ( its the antithesis of the blizzard) that causes a lot of heat strokes and deaths. In the developed nations people have means to protect themselves from harsh weather conditions whereas in the less developed countries people struggle against the vagaries of nature.

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Becky Wolfe said...

Praise God for your extended court date! Praise God for working through Mr. Jacob in the suburban areas. Praise God to shelter you from the heat!

Rebecca said...

Interesting Post. I am glad that things went well for you at the court...that must be so much pressure.

I also love it to have church in a house...so much more comfortable, at least for me. And away from the mad trappings of westist religion.

Now, laughingly....the loo in English English is the word for the toilet!! That said, I live in the UK and do not have the God Channel so did not see the program that you are talking about but I am glad that in the new England (at least on this program) they are being really inclusive - which is not always the case as you know- and singing worship songs in languages other than the twot that the Queen speaks! I also read your E-mail with interest that you taught at an International School....I was a pupil at one of those schools in Kenya...there are stories from that era that will NEVER grace the pages of bloggosphere (is that how you spell it??!!!!!!)

Amrita said...

Yes Rebecca the loo thing is really funny. Loo in Hindi is that hot blazing wind like the harmatan of N Africa and the chinnok.
God TV is quite international. We watch it quite a bit, my Mom more.I like a couple of preachers. The ones who emotionally blackmail you and beg for money put me off...some of their teaching is strange too.

Roo said...

yahoo. so glad that things went well at court. i was thinking about you...and praying too.