Friday, 18 May 2007


Hi I 'm back. Today when I started to open my account I found my keyboard was not working. So I was rendered wordless.Took it to the cyber shop in the evening and it worked perfectly well there. It was playing a game with me it seems. I got it connected again and I 'm back in business.On the way back I saw a 50% off sign outside a shopping MAUL . I call them MAULS as they can maul your pocketbook if you are not careful LOL.I watch out for bargain offers.The girls try to sell me cosmetics but I move on saying I 'm allergic to them.I bought some veggies, mustard oil for cooking, melons and mosquito repellent.
Please pray for pastor Shaylendra and me. We are going to see our lawyers tomorrow (Sat. evening) to get some documents which will support our case.Those documents are pretty old, hope they still have them in their files.
On Thursday night Mama and I watched Gothika on Star Movies. I usually don 't watch spooky flicks but saw this one because of Halle Berry.If the criminal justice dept. worked like that in real life them all murderers would be caught...the victim 's ghost helped. Anyway I like Halle, except in the Flintstones...that role did n 't suit her.

5 Fertilize my soul:

Anonymous said...

I have found that often happens - when the expert is present, everything works just fine. :)


Becky Wolfe said...

Will be praying for your lawyer meeting. I hope it goes well. I have not yet seen Gothika. I don't do well with the spooky ones either. They stay in my head too long!

Rebecca said...

When something goes wrong with one of my computers I go crazy. I hate it.......guess I am addicted!

John Cowart said...

Between power outages and broken keyboard, you do have a time of it!

However, keep at it. The things you have to say are worth the trouble of saying them.

Pat said...

I like your description of a shopping MAUL - very good Amrita!
I was reading a previous post about putting the henna in your hair. I remember years ago when my mother used to do that! I don't think it's available in the states anymore - the big companies have knocked it from the shelves. Like you said, it was natural and healthy. Sometimes things don't change for the better.
I'm praying for you as you meet with the lawyers..