Monday, 12 November 2007

Aunt Sybil - Yesterday and Today

Dug out some old pictures of Aunt Sybil 's .The pic. above was taken in the 80s.Auntie was an elementary school teacher and manager of a girl 's hostel (dorm).

On the left she is bride 's maid at her best friend 's wedding whose husband later on became VP of a Swiss
On the left she (L)
is with Aunt Marjorie
her elder sister.
Here she is at the girl 's dorm.
These last pictures are the latest.
After a bath and hair brushing.She had long thick hair which I had to cut when she was first hospitalized
four and a half years ago.

5 Fertilize my soul:

Carol-Ann Allen said...

Yes! Yes! YES!
Pictures are my language of love! You and your little family and church have just burst into real life for us in blog world!

Carol-Ann Allen said...

Oh Amrita, this is just delightful! I looked again at your Aunt Sybil sitting there in her yellow sweater and I could almost hear her saying, "Look they have gone gallivanting and left us alone" and "Sleep both of you (in a tone full of disdain) I am going home"! Just too cute, but, I'm sure, not so "cute" for you at times!

Donetta said...

Aunt Sybil has had a very full life. It must be so hard for her to understand all that is happening to her. She never married?
she is so lovely there in the sun. How real it has all become now with the images. Your doing a good job with the composition of you images.
~love you

Nancy said...

I agree Amrita, it is so lovely to see your pictures. I am sure you will become a pro in no time. Keep up the good work and thank you for a glimpse into your world.

Anonymous said...

it's really nice to look at old pictures, like walking down memory lane.