Friday, 16 November 2007

Waiting for Godot

Here is Sheeba waiting for Godot the rat, she killed it early yesterday morning (5 am) in the bathroom as I was brushing my teeth.Had to clean up the mess. There is another Godot in the offing and she 'll get it.

Today she is limping a bit saying,"Ouch my right foot!".I applied an ointment on it.She is an keen hunter , should have named her Diana after the constellation.

We are getting BBC Entertainment and I watched Faulty Towers which I enjoyed a lot. We used to get it on DD aeon's ago.I also liked watching American Inventor on Star World.
My landline phone connection is off...they say its cable fault. Thank goodness Internet is on otherwise I would have started to have withdrawal symptoms.

10 Fertilize my soul:

Dick said...

wow... that must have been a fight if you had to clean up the mess.
And Fawlty Towers is very funny I like it too.

Roo said...

shiloh would LOVE to meet sheeba!(except when she's rat hunting, of course ;) )

Donetta said...

What a good dog! Did the rat bite a foot?

Web-OJ said...

Ewww! I detest rats. Go Sheeba, go!

Amrita said...

Hi guys, Sheeba is better now.Maybe she was jumping over rocks and stones in the garden.She 's tough.My Jimmy was made of porcelain.I miss him so much, just makes me cry.

Rebecca said...

Rats? Ugh...we had them here by the composter and had to get the 'rat man' to come and save us. I was never so happy to invite a stranger into the garden!

nvittal said...

I'm so glad that there are no rats here. Cold weather kills them all, I guess! Back at home in India, they are a big problem.

John Snelson said...

Hi there Amrita,

Love your blog.

I have an antipodean Godot outside my backdoor right now ... part of the weekly sacrifice of God's creatures made by our cat, Mr. Kip.

I just spent 18 months in Delhi ... working on a job for Indian Railways. I had not been to India before, but loved it.

Went by train on a few journeys on the Rajdhani Express ... to Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Chittaranjan ... went to Agra (of course) and spent a few days in Jaipur and around Rajastan too.



Web-OJ said...

How come no update lately? Busy?

Anonymous said...

This one is really cute & nice to know of its hunting skills also..doing a cats work...Wish your telephone line gets repaired soon...have a nice time!