Thursday, 1 November 2007

Just silly

Prayer to a Computer
Our Hard Drive

Which art internal
Volume C by name;
Thy code be clean,
Thy fonts be seen
On screen as they are on paper.
Give us this day our documents,
And lead us not into fragmentation
But deliver us our data.
For thine is the SCSI,
And the EISA,
and the NuBus,
Forever and Ever,
I am just being silly but if anyone feels offended by this post or thinks it is blasphemy, please tell me and I will immediately delete it.
PS As my friend Carol-Ann commented I must add on a more serious note that this is what happens when we make technology our god. Sometimes i start getting withdrawal symptoms if I am deprived of the amenities and conveniences of modern life.
I don 't want to be an offender to man or God.
Dr John Thomas who holds second Sunday prayer meetings in our church came to see us this morning.He is a pediatrician but is doing church planting now. He asked me about my medical problems. He told us how the Lord healed him of a sinus problem and encouraged me to keep praying for healing. Before he left he prayed for me.I felt so blessed.
In the evening my cousin sister and a Christian girl, an army major's wife came to visit.So our day began and ended with visitors.
I don 't know how many people have felt a tangible evil presence in their house. But sometimes we have felt it.It comes as a strong ugly nauseating goat smell and there are no goats around.This is caused by a supernatural unseen evil force. Whenever we smell that we rebuke it loudly or silently in the name of Jesus and it goes away.I got it this this evening when I returned from the market. I rebuked it in the name of Jesus and it was gone.
Greater is He that is in you than He that is in the world.Amen?

14 Fertilize my soul:

Jo's-D-Eyes said...

Hi my dear Amrita,
hahahaha!very funny you are, so YOU can make very good funny wordjokes,
No I had such a strange smell or our dog is 'leaving some air" haha a poopy we'll call that...

have a good (smellfree) day my friend:)

Rebecca said...

Not offended at all, in fact that is very funny!!! Do not worry so much who you offend......just be yourself...

Carol-Ann Allen said...

Weeeeellllll, since you asked ...

As a "joke" I do not find it funny at all and my whole spirit cringes away from it!

But as a "graphic illustration" of how some of these things in our lives can be given such a position of distortion that we can affirm having paid homage to them in an idolatrous manner, it has merit to be blogged.

I find this entire post very serious and thought-provoking. Laughter and hilarity are not part of my response! Yes, nasty smells in the home, having their origin in the oppressive entrance of evil, is not an uncommon experience! With the smell, there usually is also the sense of a "presence". And the verification of that is in the truth that when commanded, in the name of Jesus, to leave, it leaves!

Yes, it is the confidence of the greatness of the Spirit of Christ within us that gives the courage!

Shari said...

I have never had that kind of experience-smelling a evil stinky presence except maybe someone passing gas? Really, rebuking it and it goes away? Again, I never experienced that. I'm glad it went away. Hope you get healed.

I thought your joke was amusing. I was not offended.

Amrita said...

Yes carol-Ann I don 't find it funny too that 's why i wrote the PS. One can make technology their god or become enslaved to it.

The odor i referred to is actually supenatural friends.It is associated with evil spirits. Just get it once or twice a year.

Amrita said...

You are right Rebecca, but I just want to be careful so that i don 't cause anyone to stumble or make fun of holy things.
I enjoy reading books by Adrian Plas but others hate them.

Living Beyond said...

You have awonderfully sweet humble spirit thanks for sharing.

Carol-Ann Allen said...

Hi Amrita!
Adrian Plass! I can remember Bruce trying to read a chapter of Adrian Plass out loud for us to enjoy together ... he was laughing so hard his voice went up to a tiny whistle and he had to quit (he is such a funny man -- Bruce, I mean! yes, and Adrian too!)!

You know, I'm very glad for this post of yours! I think that, as Christians, we sometimes put up with way too much oppressive stuff in our lives and live way below our potential because we attribute it to "natural causes" or "that's just my imagination" or "people will think I'm nuts" or "I'm unable to cope with life because I'm just bone lazy"! Hogwash and balderdash! Bruce and I have been amazed in recent years at how much of life's aggravations and irritations and oppressions dissipate and flee away when approached authoritatively in the name of Jesus!

Now don't misunderstand me! Some things in life are very much results of natural causes, imaginations, sorrowful mental illness, or bone laziness! But we must be alert -- ever alert -- to the fact that we just do not wrestle against flesh and blood! And spiritual wars must be fought with spiritual weapons! So yes, bind the evil power in the name of Jesus, rebuke it in the name of Jesus and command it to leave in the name of Jesus and it will leave because it must.

But Scripture also teaches that "pseudo Christians" or "hypocrites" can not fool evil spirits! Because you've read on the blogs about the power of using Jesus' name in dealing with satanic oppression, that does not mean that you yourself have that power at your disposal! It is part of the package of privilege that comes with being born again into the family of God! Non-believers, ie non-Christians, have attempted to tap into that power and have suffered much worse than if they had left everything alone!

Pat said...

Hello Amrita, because of my busy life caring for my mother, I haven't been able to comment lately, but I have been stopping by.
I am so moved by your sweet spirit that you would never want to offend any one with something you post. It is that kind of "Christ in us" spirit that the Christian world needs more of. I admire you for being so sensitive to the Holy Spirit, and sensitive to those who may mistake your motives. I agree, it would be better to remove it then to offend. By the way...I'm fine with it.
I have never experienced an offensive odor as you describe, but have felt an ungodly presence. I plead the blood of Jesus and rebuke it just as you have done, and that spirit is defeated!!

Jo's-D-Eyes said...

Hi my dear friend Amrita:)
I wish you a great weekend/sunday,
with love from JoAnn

Roo said...


Roo said...

ps i love your heart!

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Anonymous said...

not that vulgar but subtle evil attacks, yeah. that's the topic i posted a while back.