Monday, 5 November 2007

The Highs and Lows

Today was a day of highs and lows.
The high point of the day was when I received a gift check for our church building fund and when India defeated Pakistan in the first one day cricket match.
The lows were when I went to the bank stood in a very long Que only to discover that my ATM card had expired and I did not bring my new one along.
My washing machine 's dryer gave out on me after the first cycle and the repairman did not come after I phoned him.
I also had a few "run ins" with mama.The generation gap is getting longer and rockier and slipper-ier (coined a new word here).
Aunt S was quite disturbed, she has her moments.
And my old girl- maid (female Jeeves) tries my patience too.Her hearing and eyesight is weak and her IQ is low.But because she is a very poor widow and is very faithful and honest I just can 't her go.
I felt quite ill and stressed out in the evening.Stress causes vertigo in me,but I went out to get medicines. And I bought a book by Joyce Meyers called The Secret Power of Speaking God 's Word.Its a compilation of Bible verses we can speak out during different situations of life.
My verse for stress is-
It is God 's desire that I be free from all anxiety and distressing care. I Cor 7;32
The Holy Spirit calmed my soul otherwise I was telling Mama that I am going to call Sonia in Lucknow and tell her to ask her hubby 's uncle who is the Director of a famous Christian Psychiatric Hospital there to book a room for me.My Mom agreed.
What were your day 's highs and lows?

8 Fertilize my soul:

Roo said...

well, it's only 10:25am but i would say my low was -- leaving my atm card AT the bank. IN the bank machine.

and my high was...getting a phone call from the bank telling me they were keeping it in a safe place until I could come retrieve it.


Dick said...

What a day!!!!!!! Maybe we are the same when we are old.

Donetta said...

What are chappatis ??????????
How are they made?

Donetta said...

Hello, Sweet heart! My highs were making aprons and feeling good. The medication they have me on makes me race. I am going like a bunny on coffee.
My low was a husband who had a head ache from dusting the day before having to spend his whole day on the sink. The hard part was he was very grumpy/ angry/ raged at moments. I hate that! Worse was twice in his wrath he said G.D. I hate that even worse and so I sat there and renounced his cursing silently until I had had enough and asked him not to say G>D>.
I can understand frustrations but saying G.damn anything is just STUPID! I want Gods blessing and favor on his work not for it to be damned.
Hight part was when he told me what dash said to him out in the garage.(see the post) FUNNY even hubby laughed. He also received a late night confrontation from me about the GD thing and said he would address it with God and apologized.

Kate said...

My favorite game!

I'll do yesterday, becasue that is a day that is finished.

Low: My husband has been feeling ill and thought he was getting better; but he overexerted himself yesterday and went to bed feeling worse. I'm worried about him.

High: I have made a planter in my garden out of the metal part of an old wheelbarrow. I'm excited, wondering about what to plant in it next spring.

nvittal said...

'slipper-ier ' - funny!!
"..and her IQ is low' - wait a minute. That was mean, wasn't it? :)

Hope today was a better day for you!

Amrita said...

Hi Ruth, So glad you got your ATM card.

Yes Dick, we all have our days.

Donetta dear, chapati is a flat bread made with whole wheat.O like your phrase 'going like a bunny on coffee '

Hi Kate,I read about your Highs and Lows and thought of posting mine.Hope your hubby is feeling better.

Nagaraj, what would you say if your maid couldn 't tell the difference between a sari and a salwar suit? Good heavens!

Rebecca said...

I sure enjoyed reading your high and lows list...I must admit, I especially enjoyed the lows...they made me giggle "knowingly!" Because my days are mostly lows right now, as I am not feeling too well (just a cold) they are not worth writing about and they are nOT funny!!!