Monday, 19 November 2007

Sunday Blessings

Morning service at church was good.pastor preached from the Epistle of Colosians, my favourite book of the Bible.

I made a quick egg curry with lamb pulao. Maid K left for the village with her DIL, I had meat curry and chapatis and nan , so I didn 't worry.She just makes the chapatis anyway.
(Above- chapatis...flat round whole wheat bread baked on a hot skillet or tava.

Got some fresh ninva or courgette from the garden, so I made courgette stew today.Here are my veggies.

With the courgette peel I make vegetarian kebabs.They are really good.

Here are some pictures of our papaya and banana trees.I don 't like papayas at all. I either let the bananas ripen or make a green banana sabzi or stir fry.

So Sweet and Clever

While I am cooking Aunt S (86 yrs) pops in and offers to help me, (like in the good old days when she was fit).I jest with her and ask her to do those things which she normally didn 't like doing, like making chapatis (quite tedious) and boiling rice (her rice never came out right)

Today she came around when I was cooking and offered help.I said ,"Yes phupi, can you make 25 chapatis". (Way too many deliberately)

"Oh!" she goes,"I am very slow and it will take too long, you all will feel hungry. So you make them."

Very clever eh?

9 Fertilize my soul:

Jo's-D-Eyes said...

Hi my dear friend,
Are you still doing good?
I saw (did not see all of course) that you are busy on your blog with photography! So good!! now I can see all you see, through your camera, even YOU and your food,I am glad to see your blog again,

Thank you so much for your celebration (for my birthday)! and your interest in me, and my trip to Paris. Its a fantastic!! city and I will publice soon some great views from my point of (digital) view , and you know me 'always playing ith the camera' I'm Glad to be back, I missed YOU too:)

JoAnn :)

Donetta said...

So good to see your post Hubby and I have had your family in our prayers as well as your country. The cyclone concerned me for you and he assured me you were inland and safe.
We thought perhaps you may have lost power. the bread looks like the Mexican/Spanish tortilla

Shari said...

That was sneaky of you, yes, to tell her to do 25. ;) (I do that with my kids when I am reluctant to have them help me with something-make the job look like too much.) That only happens when I don't have patience and want to get a chore done quickly. If they help me, they'll slow me down.

Kate said...

I agree about papayas. I can definitely take or leave them. I would adore having my own banana tree, though. Keep the photos coming!

Web-OJ said...

.... and you thought you'd get one over your aunty! Heh! Heh! It's 12 pm here and I'm dying of hunger and your blog hasn't helped me one bit. Grrrrrrrrrrrrr!

Anonymous said...

i have a weird and funny experience about papayas. i do eat them now but for more than 10 years, i didn't dare touch one. haha!

holy chaos said...

Thank you so much for visiting my blog!

You have a very beautiful blog.

I love your pictures.

nvittal said...

:) That was very nice of you! :) Chapatis look so yummy!

Rebecca said...

Your cooking reminds me so much of my childhood...I love chapatis and in one of these posts you taked about millet flour, well I grew up eating a kind of porridge made out of millet when I lived in the Sudan. When I was there a couple of years ago I brought some of the millet home so that we could again eat it..unlike you, I love papaya, I like to chop it very small and mix it with some plain yogurt and some passion fruit and use it as a dressing over salad.