Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Desperate Measures

I am posting two stories of parents resorting to desperate measures to save themselves and their children.our country is reeling under the curse of poverty and illiteracy.We have millions of very rich people while the multitudes lie dying in the streets.

A father abandoned his four tiny children on a railway platform (train station) here, three days ago.The children are boy Rahul (5),girl Rita (4),and their two brother Rakesh(3) and Mukesh (2).Its difficult to say how these children managed to survive but someone noticed Rahul trying to cook chapatis on Sunday night They are too small to beg. But they could have been taken by beggar gangs and forced to beg somewhere else

Some passersby gave them money and helped them buy flour and vegetables, but they could not manage to cook. So a man bought them curry and bread from a nearby food stall.Mukesh the 2 year old is too young to feed himself,but he was trying to eat because of extreme hunger.

A local NGO operated by Catholics and others was notified about these abandoned children and they took them into their care center.

The children were in a state of shock and were unable to give their parent 's names but they were able to say that their father is a mason (construction worker) and they live in Meerapur, a suburb of the city.

A Childline worker said the children were feeling better and were playing with other children in the home.They will try to find out about their parents once they have gained their confidence.

Maybe the father abandoned them hoping someone would find them and take care of them. we hear many stories of entire families committing suicide or parents killing their children.
The prices of common commodities and food stuff have risen sharply in the past one year. We who belong to the middle class are feeling the pinch and our household budgets are very tight.The suffering of the impoverished, destitute has increased.
My adopted sister, Sonia was also abandoned by her parents due to poverty and family break up.We offered to find her family for her, but she did not want to go back. She wanted to forget her past,after finding love and comfort in our home.
God promises in Psalm 115;13,14
"He will bless them that fear the Lord, both small and great.The Lord shall increase you more and more you and your children." (KJV)

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Felisol said...

Dear Amrita,
you are writing about a world one only read about, but never really believe to exist.
The Lord has said that not even a sparrow falls to earth without him knowing it.
I pray for the children who are so heartlessly abounded, I pray for the parents who see no other way to survive than to forsake their own flesh and blood.
I pray for the World Bank and the G 8 countries to stop exploiting and being willing to share.
I pray for each and everyone of us not to turn our heads and hearts away to such horrible news.

Roo said...

this breaks my heart. thank you for sharing my friend.

Donetta said...

I know that the parents must be desprite! the last resort or hope that help may be found. Desperate times.

Kimmie said...


I sit here at my computer with tears rolling down my face, oh that those children were in my arms.

That verse you shared is a 'life verse' for me...God indeed will give the increase (He knows we would take them all )

May God in His great Mercy put those children in a God loving family, that they would know Him, love him, find healing in Him-salvation that comes from NO other and that they may live under the very Hand of their loving Father.-that by His Spirit they may find their Hope and future in Him.

bless you Amrita
mama to 6
one homemade and 5 adopted