Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Indian Idol

Oct. 2 nd was Mahatma Gandhi 's birth anniversary known as Gandhi Jayanti. It has been declared as International Non Violence Day by the UN.

An editorial in the Hindustan Times newspaper says;The first thing you notice in the picture (of the bank note) is Gandhi smiling,which is delightfully wicked.The editorial goes on the say ; while Gandhi 's soul -bending battles with injustice can never be underplayed, the manner in which he defused critics and churlish adversaries should be a lesson to many of us today who start foaming at our mouths or worse each time we feel slighted.Imagine how Indians would have responded to Winston Churchill 's 1931 jibe of Gandhi being a 'half naked fakir ' today.Replying to a journalist whether he didn 't feel under-dressed to meet the King in his dhoti (a cloth wrapped around his waist). Gandhi replied,"The King has enough on for both of us".Gandhi indeed was a great man. He was nominated several times for the Nobel Peace Prize , but was set aside.Now the Nobel Committee regrets it.Gandhi was deeply influenced by Christ and the sermon on the mount.

On the right- school children dressed like Gandhi and his followers.

Got a phone call from a cousin who is living abroad.She married twice and both her marriages have failed Her first husband was an Italian and the present one is British.She just made wrong choices, got them from the Internet.There are so many Internet marriage horror stories.

Yesterday I got an electrician to do a lot of electrical revamping in the house.And I watched a useless movie called "Single White Female-Psycho 2. Just to get over India 's poor performance in their cricket match against Australia. Now lets see how these Indian idols fare in Friday 's match in Hyderabad.Chak De India!

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Kate said...

If only more people would emulate his wit and tolerance today.

Roo said...

when i was in grade 11 my teacher showed us the movie "gandi" as part of our class. my heart was really impacted by his story.

Donetta said...

Nice post :). How are you? I hope that the revamps on the house ease your days. I am concerned about how long my site might be taking to upload Hubby and I are working on it.
I was thinking about making bread with some spelt flour soon. I wish I had a mentor.

Anonymous said...

internet marriages are scary! i wonder if there is any successful marriage of this sort?

Pijush said...

Gandhi was a great personality, the concept he brought to the World was amazing and you can check my post on the same topic :-) (Though there are conflicts in comment section)

Internet Marriages are horrible, But one have to try to get a perfect match, and thus its still exists.

surjit singh said...

A great eye opener review on Gandhi by HT.Thanks Amrita, for sharing. A good post.

Rebecca said...

I do not know a lot personaaly about Ghandi, other - than like Ruth- having seen the movie. At that point in my life I thought that this was a man who had found himself enough to be willing to sacrifice himself to the things that he held dear. I learned from that, and at the same time I became ashamed to be Grandfather was in India and I can only imagine the life he portrayed there...not that he was an evil man...but I think that any culture that imposes itself on another is evil and arrogant.

Shame is not a nice thing...and it is not something that God wants us to wear....and so - for what it is worth, I apologize to you for the things that my country did to you....

Amrita said...

Thank you friends for your comments
Gandhiji is indeed the father of our Nation.

Rebecca, I want to tell you, however the British ruled India, they did us a lot of good too.They brought in industrialization, education, speciually for women, rhe railways, postal system and judiciary (I spelt it wrong). Reformers like William Carey stood against social evils like sati...the burning of widows on the funeral pyre of the husband and child marriage.Missionaries established schools and hospitals.The Allahabad university where I did my masters from is known as the Oxford of the East.So we have the positive side to look at.

Amrita said...

Oh yes internet marriages are scary.There are a lot of weirdos out there, you don 't know what you are getting into.But I 've heard of success stories too. You just have to be careful.

My relative also has endless personality problems as she grew up in a dysfuctional home. She actually needs therapy and treatment if you ask me.

Riya Agnihotri said...

Single white female - psycho 2? Oh my dear. Why not watch a comedy to get over the iserable defeat. My hubbt just stomped around the house ans twitched when India lost. He was glad that he didn't get up at 430 am to watch it (uk time!) He does occassionally

Jo's-D-Eyes said...

Hi dear Amrita,
How are you doing my friend:)

Ha! Indian Idol (not the one from TV, smile )I know the Gandhi story and person of course too, I love the way the indian are dressed, so beautiful:)I love India and their fantastic people:)

I am so sorry for your cousins broken marriage.

have great week Amrita, I won't forget you, I am sometimes busy to visit all the blogs. You are in my heart:)


Living day by day for Jesus said...

Amrita!!! I DO read your blogs whenevr I am online!! I love them! My minister preached on Gandhi...He was remarkable...According to his biography Christians did not treat him well so that is why he chose not to be a Christian...he found the Gospel to be the best way...anyhow...Thanks for reading my blog and commenting!



Anonymous said...

those who succeeded on internet marriages, wow! sure is scary, but wow!