Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Footprints of Satan

Read this devotional in the Max Lucado weekly newsletter.The footprints of Satan can be seen all around us in terrorism, broken families, poverty substance abuse, perversion of all sorts, hopelessness and suicide.Lets be salt and light and try to erase these deadly prints.
Scene from the Karachi blasts at Benazir Bhutto 's homecoming last week.


Once he was approached by a leper, who knelt before him begging his help. “If only you will,” said the man, “you can cleanse me.” In warm indignation Jesus stretched out his hand, [and] touched him.Mark 1:40–41, NEB-I was in an emergency room late one night last week.Victims of Satan filled the halls. A child—puffy, swollen eyes. Beaten by her father. A woman—bruised cheeks, bloody nose. “My boyfriend got drunk and hit me,” she said, weeping. An old man—unconscious and drunk on a stretcher. He drooled blood in his sleep.Jesus saw the victims of Satan, too.He saw a leper one day … fingers gnarled … skin ulcerated … face disfigured.And he got indignant … angry.Not a selfish, violent anger. A holy anger … a controlled frustration … a compassionate disgust. And it moved him. It moved him to action.I’m convinced that the same Satan stalks today,causing the hunger in Somalia … the confusion in the Mideast … the egotism on the movie screen … the apathy in Christ’s church. And Satan giggles among the dying.Dear Father,May we never grow so “holy,” may we never be so “mature,” may we never become so “religious” that we can see the footprints of Satan and stay calm.


Tonight I an going to a Muslim wedding. Mom 's not coming as she has to stay with aunt Sybil who is not well.
I have posted a photo of a Muslim bride. They are dressed up colorfully and wear lots of jewelry and henna.They keep their faces covered.For the wedding vows the bride and groom sit in separate rooms and the priest goes to each one and has them say yes.Many times the bride is too shy or nervous to say the word so the family and friends say it for her and the ceremony proceeds.
Indian weddings are very huge its normal to have more , than 500 guests,that 's the minimum.

9 Fertilize my soul:

Becky Wolfe said...

Thanks for sharing this devotional. How true it is!

A muslim wedding sounds so fascinating. I love all the colors & fabrics!! What sort of food did you get to eat?

Pat said...

What an awesome devotional. God certainly has anointed him with a an extrodinary communication skill. Thank you for sharing - it's a real eye-opener.
A muslim wedding is so different from our Christian culture. Thanks for sharing and I hope you had a wonderful time.

Roo said...

hi amrita! your pictures in this post paint such a stark contrast -- one of death and the other of new life. thanks for sharing....

you're a blessing.

Amrita said...

Yes Ruth the content of my blog contrasts each other at times because my world is full of contrasts. You have life and death,luxury and poverty,faith and unbelief advancement and illiteracy juxaposed agaist each other at very close quarters.

Living Beyond said...

Wow thank you for sharing the decotional and the pictures. I love your culture, although I understand it is tough too.

Thank you for reading my "Terminal" post - shortly after I delete my whole blog by accident, so I am no longer fresh brewed faith but now I am "Living Beyond Myself" Hope you can stop by sometime.

Thanks for asking how I was doing. God is very good. Be blessed lady!!

Web-OJ said...

Everything in India is colourful.

Anonymous said...

oh my. bombings really are everywhere now. just last week there was a bombing in one of our malls here in manila and 8 died. 80 were wounded.

Greater is He who is in us than he who is in the world. 1 John 4:4

666 said...

hi Amrita, nice blog, esp. a woman carrying a child.
what i want to tell everyone is we should demolish this all religion, and new religion atheists should be created and for this there will no particular creator in this world. we could see smiley and charming world everyday. there would be no war in the name of religion.

Amrita said...

Dear 666, checked your blog, but you have none it seems.

In the Bible 666 is a number given for the mark of Satan. interesting.

I don 't think atheists are very peaceful and non-violent people. Look what the commies etc. have done to the world and still are doing... and the Maoists in your country. I know you will not approve of that. atheism is also a religion. Its not religion ,its the God your choose to worship. is He the true God?

thanks for visiting mt blog