Monday, 22 October 2007

Sunday Blessings

Rev. Paul Sigamani from South India (Tamil Nadu) spoke in church.And a gentleman from the same state sang a special number in Hindi.Until a few years ago Hindi (our national language, spoken mainly in N. India) was not accepted in the south but now people are more open to it.I would have a very hard time learning a south Indian language.

My niece and nephew, Ashish and Mahima,she will be 15 on Oct 23rd.

Prem and Anjali in their church in New Brunswick
My sister Anjali (Canada) has married into a Tamilian family (although Prem is a Bombay-wala), speaks decent Tamil and understands it too, and cooks good South Indian food.

Was happy that our boys won the Twenty / 20 cricket match.They are the 20/20 champions so it was expected of them.
Now lets see how they fare against the Pakistani team from Nov. 5th onwards.

My Dad was a die hard cricket fan.During cricket season we hardly got to watch day time TV.And he had his radio on during power cuts to listen to the commentary or ask me to check the score on my cell phone.In Hindi he would say;"Upne usme dekho" - or "Check in your thingi' always forgetting what to call the mobile phone!

Which brings me to a funny mobile phone theft story I read in the papers a few days back.
A guy stole a platinum coated Vertu Signature mobile phone ( Rs.2.36 lakh-roughly US $6000) from the shop of an interior decorator in Bombay.The lady notified the police and told them that the thief would be looking for a battery charger which costs Rs 16,000.( about US $ 400)
When the robber went shopping an alert shop keeper informed the police as the it didn 't seem that the man would be able to afford such an expensive gadget.The cops came and nabbed him. The thief belonged to a slum area.

Please pray for Aunt Sybil she has a bad cough and fever. Some better after medication and frequent inhalations.Oct 24th is her 86th birthday,but we will celebrate when she gets better.I had already planned the menu of chicken chow mien (which is her favourite)scotch eggs and cake

If you want to read a story of courage click on this and read about the faith of a young woman who died of brain cancer.The blog post is entitled TERMINAL.(OCT 19)

Bought these trendy Armani style frames. (the photo is a look alike) In the Us they would cost around $180 but here they were Rs 450 (roughly $11 or 12) Good eh? I will have to get a photo in those.Oh for a digital camera!

The same thing went for the fish sauce.The foreign brand was Rs 175 (maybe $4) but the Indian one is just Rs 35 that less than a $ Yipee!I was eying the Louisiana hot chilli sauce ... and crab meat too dear for the moment, around $ 4 each
BTW happy that Bobby Jindal of Indian origin is the Governor of Louisiana.He was born into a Hindu family but converted to Catholicism
This has been a rambling, meandering blog.
Have so many things to talk about, but I 'm afraid I 'll bore my readers.

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Roo said...

loved your post and your heart! your family is beautiful.

Kate said...

Thank you so much for posting about turbans! NOw I need to reciprocate regarding foosball. LOL!

Jo's-D-Eyes said...

Hi dear Amrita,
How nice to see your sis, are you as small as she is? I love information about you and your family, I hope your mom is doing well also?

How fantastic that you have been to Rome!!! Wow! That we have in common , I 've lived there for 6 years, I will post some more Italian photo's for you my deares friend!

Hugh, and with love, from JoAnn:)

pai said...

We watched "Bend it Like Beckham" last night and I just loved the wedding celebrations. I wish we had such a tradition and dresses!

Jo's-D-Eyes said...

Hi Amrita,
I hearded on the news that our Dutch Queen "Beatrix" is coming to visit India (new Delhi) tomorrow and having tea with Mrs,Ghandi, I just wanted you to know that:)

JoAnn greetings:)

Web-OJ said...

Enjoyed reading this post.