Monday, 15 October 2007

Feast Day

Inspired by the paintings of my blog friend Piyush ( at tried a hand at it too. I am at the pre-school level.Even pre-schoolers could do buddies with small kids will attest that.
Anyway Sunday was the Muslim festival of Eid and our Muslim friends brought us Eid goodies...curries, kebabs and pulao and the most special sweet called sheer korma (seviyan) or delicate thread-like vermicelli in syrup flavored with lite aromatic spices and dry fruit.This is why this festival is called Meethi Eid or Sweet Eid.

These days the vermicelli is mostly machine produced .But I asked Aunt Sybil how did they make it in the olden days and she said they used to roll them out on an upturned matka or earthen water jar. Aunt Sybil remembers the old times.
In India people of all kinds of backgrounds and religions live side by side and this national integration is seen during festival times. Although we may not subscribe to a neighbour 's world view or philosophy but we take part in the enjoyment.

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Pijush said...

I am glad that you tried to draw in Paint and mentioning me (the link is not working).
Eid and Dussera is almost at the same time, so India is really in fesive mood. Enjoy, and stay well.