Friday, 5 October 2007


Another defeat for the Indian Cricket Team against Australia in the Furture Cup matches.There is no future for the Indian cricket team it seems. Watched the match, Mom and I and my visting maami (aunt). To lick our wounds I baked an apple tart, specially for my aunt.

Yesterday and today our Muslim maid brought us some snacks her family made to break their Ramadan fast.They are very poor but they like to share. Many people reject the food offered by their servants. But we don 't. We treat them with dignity and respect,with the caveat that we don 't accept food offered to idols and that which was chanted over.We just make this distinction and they know it and keep a portion separately for us.We visit their homes and see that they cook in hygenic conditions.

The poor are very large hearted. If you visit their home and they have nothing to offer you, they will give you a glass of water and some gur or jaggery (a lump of brown sugar ,non granulated made from sugarcane juice).

This reminds me of a funny story. Once an Englishman visited a Sikh in Punjab. The Sikhs are well known for their hospitality and welcome.As it was meal-time the host offered him sarson ka saag.and makka ki roti. A delicious chapati (a flat round bread)made with cornmeal accompanied with a stir fry dish of mustard greens. For the lack of a plate he heaped the vegetable on the chapati and gave it to his white guest.The Englishman ate the veggies and returned the chapati which he mistook for a plate.Everybody was really amused which left the poor visitor really nonplussed.
Now I can hear people saying it was politically imcorrect. But those were relaxed times and people were not easily offended.Just neighbourly fun.

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Kate said...

I can totally see myself making the same mistake. Is there a faux pas I haven't made? How else do we learn anything about other cultures? It's part of the fun.

Living Beyond said...

That is too funny - I could possible to do the same. I have enjoyed finding your blog. Have a wonderful weekend - every blessing Shelley

Living Beyond said...

BTW I think England lost again India too if I remember correctly :)

Jo's-D-Eyes said...

Hi Amrita,

I like footbal ,a nd I also know abouit the ramadan , but I am not taking part of it , I like food too much you?

have a great weekend:) JoAnn

Shari said...

It's always interesting to learn about different customs/cultures.

Glad you're doing well. :)

Pijush said...

Yes Poor people have good heart; we have many experiences like this. They don’t have the complexities and they faced all problem of life, thus they are totally down to earth.
Forget the defeat and enjoy the last win :-) that’s how I feel happy.
Have a nice weekend.

nvittal said...

I've stopped watching cricket for good. For all the money, fame and coverage they get, it's really depressing.

Donetta said...

Hello, Dear Sister. I have sat with you via your blog a few moments. I loved the wildlife stories. How like pride to rob the poor. It is a wealth that gains humility.

John Cowart said...

Hi Amrita,
I'm so glad you started this blog and have kept it up since we first corresponded. I especially enjoy the things you show about the animals and people around you. And your faith comes through no matter what subject you write about. Thanks.