Thursday, 25 October 2007


Watch this documnetary on Discovery Channel. My hometown is located at the confluence of rivers Ganga and Yamuna and the mythical Saraswati.

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Donetta said...

Wow that is so cool. A sweet glimpse of it.

Anonymous said...

WoW...thats a lovely video. You are so lucky to be in such a beautiful place in the midst of the mythical majestic rivers.

Jo's-D-Eyes said...

Hi my dearest Amrita,

What a fantastic movie about an even more great country "INDIA!"
Thanks for sharing.

Do you know that besides our Queen Beatrix (+ her son Prince Alexander and Princess Maxima)is visiting your country India,and that we have NOW in our CAPITAL city AMSTERDAM, a beautiful INDIA-festival??? Yes! this way you can see how much we Dutch people LOVEadore your countrie INDIA..

I love you too, Have a happy day! JoAnn

Web-OJ said...

Hi, Amrita. Thank you for visiting my blog and for posting your comments. I saw your comment on another blog stating you're an Indian and so clicked to access your blog. I'm glad I did because you write interesting stuff and write it well.

I couldn't watch this video as the connection at home is too slow. I'll have to watch it on Sunday in the office. (Our weekend hols are on Fri. & Sat.)

You are so lucky that God has given you the opportunity to care for your aunt and Mom. My mom expired this May all of a sudden of renal failure and the grief and the loss of losing a parent cannot be epressed in words.

Kuwait's a pretty nice place but then, in the end, "Sara jahan se accha, Hindustan hamara."

Web-OJ said...

By the way, my name is Olive.

Kate said...

Hi, Amrita!

I really want to see it. I'm going to ask a friend to tape it for me.

Rebecca said...

Hi Amrita
I have sure enjoyed your last few posts...have had a bit of a problem commenting, but it seems to be working now. I just love the beauty and colour that emerges in your country when you celebrate. It just seems that everything 'inside' comes 'out' and life is really celebrated, even in the midst of sometimes difficult times.

pai said...

I looked and they aren't showing it in America right now, but I hope they will. I would love to see your country through the Discovery channel! :)