Wednesday, 10 October 2007


This took place in Kanpur, an industrial city a few hours from here.
Unable to bear the expenses of their ailing daughter, a couple here made a bid to sell their 14-day-old son.
However, hospital authorities stepped in time and offered to pay for the treatment of four-year-old Shivani, who is suffering from pelvic tumour.
The incident took place on Sunday when Shivani, daughter of Rambabu and Chuniya, was to undergo a surgery at the Hellet hospital. She was hospitalised on September 29.
When doctors asked to arrange two units of blood for the operation, the couple decided to sell their son as they could not afford the expenses, the hospital’s Chief Medical Officer, Naresh Yadav said.
Rambabu and his wife sat outside the hospital, asking passers-by to buy their son. It was then that the hospital authorities intervened.
“The hospital authorities didn’t know about the whole episode. But as soon as it came to our notice, we immediately decided to provide free treatment to Shivani,” Yadav said.
Several NGOs and other people have now come forward to provide financial help for the girl’s treatment.

Sometimes I feel the great tribulation period of the Book of Revation is here. If its not then what will the suffering be like?

I am reminded of Psalm 41;1

"God blesses those who are kind to the poor.He helps them out of their troubles." (TLB)

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Roo said...

my heart is breaking.

Donetta said...

My children were left in hospital due to poverty in Russia. I adopted them . So many who adopt want "perfect child" so as to neglect the others. It is so frustrating. Now Russia has stopped all adoptions.