Friday, 16 November 2007

Gordon aka Govardhan

Britain's Prime Minister Gordon Brown has become an honorary Hindu, taking the name Govardhan Brown, during a ceremony to mark the Diwali festival, an umbrella organisation for British Hindus said on Thursday.Brown, wearing marigold garlands around his neck and a bright vermilion teeka on his forehead, received the honour at the Hindu Forum of Britain's annual event to celebrate the faith's festival of light at parliament on Wednesday.Hindu Forum of Britain general secretary Ramesh Kallidai introduced the prime minister to guests, including prominent Indian businessmen and politicians, as "Shri Govardhan Brown".He told Brown, who is a Scottish Presbyterian, "Govardhan" had a "sacred and auspicious" meaning in Sanskrit as a hill in paradise.

Govardhan is a hill in the vicinity of Mathura where god Krishna had his lilas or escapades with the gopis or shepherdesses.

Well, you never know tomorrow someone may decide to become an honorary gay, lesbian, vampire, alien, schizo, Al Qaeda... the list goes on.

In the middle of all this we worship a God who says."I am Who I am"

I can be concerned for people different from me but I don 't have to assume their honorary identity.

But Politicians...

My main concern in life to search myself to see if I am an authentic, genuine Christian and not just an honorary one.When Jesus returns will He find faith on the earth? Nobody can be an honorary Christian. Either you are one or you are not.


Went to a revival meeting at the Bible College last evening. Enjoyed the worship and praise time.

Our construction workers are not complying with our instructions and we are very unhappy with them.Pray that we may be able to deal with this situation.

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Kate said...

OK, you need a SMILING photo next time!

Felisol said...

thank you for visiting.
I so do agree with you on the issue of Mr. Brown. One cannot even be a new born or a personal Christian. Either one has chosen Jesus or one has not.
Simple as that.
I used to collect Buddha figurines. Then I read how much hardship and effort the missionaries had to go through in old China to bring the Gospel of Christ out there.
To me it then became a kind of arrogant ignorances to keep those items. I threw them in the bin.

To be tolerant is quite another business. Tolerance is important to learn and respect people from other beliefs and cultures. I hope I do that.

Yes, I do collect books too, so does husband Gunnar, those inherited from my father were quite special though. So many memories...
I don't think I have any price worth books, only dear friends who are always there for me.

I'll pray that the workers behave well and do their works to your satisfaction.
From Felisol

Amrita said...

Hi Kate, hope this picture is better. Mama took it while watching the cricket match.

Yes Felisol, even though we differ we respect other viewpoints and belief while holding on to our own. I live in a multi-cultural and milti ethnic society and its important to understand and respect people who are different from us.

Rebecca said...

HMMMM, Gordon Grown becoming an honoury Hindu....why does he need to cross over? Well, that is a dumb question = politics.......why can we not be who we are and be accepted as we are without making all thes plays for accceptance which could turn and be gone in a few moments.....unlike the acceptance we recieve from
God, which is eternal

nvittal said...

Ok - I better not say anything! :)

Anonymous said...
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