Monday, 26 November 2007

Sheeba 's Day Out

Today I took Sheeba to the vet to have her auditory system checked and cleaned and just a general look over.We went on the rickshaw, she enjoyed the ride. Here she is with my niece Mahima, when she was visiting us last summer from New Brunswick

She barked at the strays all along the road and had fun.

There was a new man at the vet 's,and he didn 't look impressive at all, so I asked to see the vet the real Mac Coy.But this chutzy little fellow said that he was him (assistant of course).I really had no confidence in him because he looked like a High School student from the lower Middle Class background, as my friend Hyacinth (of Keeping Up Appearances) would quip.But I had to give in, praying that the god of small things would keep my Sheeba safe.

Anyway the lad (I prefer to call him that) gave her 2 shots, had his assistant clean her ears and sold me a sack full of ear and eye drops and pills.I 'm glad Sheeba turned out alright.

On the ride back home she was quite nervous and nearly crowded me out of the rickshaw.Once inside our campus she was her old self.

Here she is getting a sun tan

She gives me that look when she is ready for her Goodnight Cookie.

Where are your manners Sheeba? Give me your paw.


Yesterday and today have been declared very auspicious for Hindu weddings.There are lots of them going on. We have about a dozen hotels and marriage venues /gardens and halls in our neighbourhood. The party music and crackers can become pretty annoying and the dancing in the street when the bridegroom comes in procession.I will try to capture it on lens.

In keeping with the atmosphere, Mom 's watching a hindi flick called Honeymoon Pvt. Ltd. Its a sweet movie.

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Aura said...

Love your rickshaw, and Sheeba seem to be showing off her well cleaned ear!!
Did she behave well at the vet clinic?

Mike said...

She looks lovely.

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Anonymous said...

A busy but interesting day, especially for Sheeba! A Queen, I'm sure...Queen of Sheba.

Kate said...

Amrita, it just gets worse as we get older! The first time I was examined by a doctor who was younger than I, I felt really strange! And why are children allowed to drive cars these days!?

Amrita said...

Hi Aura, Sheeba behaved really well at the vet 's. Just when she was getting the shots she growled a bit, but i held her tightly so she was OK.

Yes Kate its a problem sometimes, but in this case the young man didn 't look very impressive.The senior vet is very good, he has saved my dogs from the jaws of death.

yes PaPa, Sheeba is a real Queen and to think of it we nearly gave her back to the pet shop from where we bought her, because my Mum did not like her frisky ways when she was a puppy, she loved Jimmy - the male more.Now Jimmy crossed over the River Jordan, so Mom loves Sheeba.

Jo's-D-Eyes said...

Hi my dearest riend,

Bye sweet shiba how are you doing my little lovely one? Are you sweet? Yes you are!

Hi Amrita I am glad to share my Paris pic's with you this way we are going together to this musea right?

Don't worry your countrie is great too!!! I wish I could ever be able to visit INDIA, but not yet its possible, if so I will publis photo's of YOUR wonderfull countrie!

JoAnn Kisses
My hugs for Shiba
WOOOF from Ios

Donetta said...

That must sure be a ride in the rick shaw my dogs would never sit for it.

Anonymous said...

your pup is really is really having a whale of a time there....You are very lucky to have such a nice dog...I will take the EQ test later & will let you know!

Pijush said...

She is quite cute and the pics came nice Amrita.