Friday, 25 January 2008

The Dog wants a Bone

These days Sheeba wants to eat meat and is rejecting bread. I usually mix the meat and bones with bread. But she is fussing about the bread.But when she gets hungry enough she goes back and finishes her bread.

Its 3 pm now and in a moment she will arrive and nudge me for her dinner.She will get chicken left-overs and bread.

If only she could be like this sweet fellow I got from Nurse Ratcheds. Now he 's got self control

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Jo's-D-Eyes said...

Ha Amrita, Your dog is the sweetest eh? You can nurse another dog but no-one is better as your own, Give sheeba my hug,

Your blog looks great so is your header, fantastic!

Have a great weekend , watch my sky of Holland today, and listen to the new song on my blog:)

JoAnn greetings

kostas said...

Very good photographs, elect the beautiful ladies in movie stars

Kimmie said...

HI Amrita...your blog looks so the design and the header. So colorful and bright.

Sheeba is so cute, even as a picky eater ;-)

We got some adoption news from God...

mama to 6
one homemade and 5 adopted

Kate said...

I wonder if Sheeba would let you put curlers on HER!?! LOL

Gudl said...

What a nice dog you have.
And the other one...funny!

Becky Wolfe said...

I had a fussy little dog once too. We'd pour her dish full of kibbles & bits and she'd always eat her favourite bits first, the little ones and then, when she was hungry enough, she'd go back for the non-favourites, play with them a bit and then finally eat them!
Funny fussy little creatures that are so lovable!

Anonymous said... thats quite natural, but try to get rid of the chicken for some time....I absolutely love the second shot...really cute & you have captured it very nicely!

Amrita said...

Thank you joAnn, IOS is such a sweet dog too.The song is lovely.

Good idea Kostas. i was watching Garfeild, the cat movie and thought Sheeba could also be a star. She is very intelliigent

Dear kimmie, I read your adoption news. praise god. Rom 8;28

Hi Kate, Sheeba doesn 't like any appendages.I tried but she shakes them off.

Gudl the pug is so cute its a photo I copied from another blog. But I wish he was mine.

Hi Becky, Sheeba does the same. She picks out the tasty bits and waits for more. When she doen 't get them, she goes right back and finishes up the rest.

Hi Kalyan,can 't take gredit for the second shot, its copied.

Amrita said...

I should have entitled this post Dog Shall Not Live By Cupcakes Alone?

Anonymous said...

Refering to the Dog that has self control if he could only talk would say 'I need the Blueberry muffins from Tim Hortons these are not to my taste'.Anway let sleaping dogs lie.

Amrita said...

I also love blueberry muffins, specially the mix Anju bought for us.Thanks prem.